Pokémon - Origin of Shadows is a 3D action role-playing game spin-off of the Pokémon series and a part of the "Pokémon Shadows series" and it is a prequel of Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It is being developed by Game Freak and Locked Gaming. It is going to be released on Nintendo Silver.


In the region of Soliara / Moondaria, a Pokémon trainer starts their journey. Meanwhile, a group known as Cipher is researching about turning the Pokémon into deadly machines turning them into Shadow Pokémon.

Joel / Melissa's Story

The Pokémon trainer reaches the region of Solaria / Moondaria with a goal of becoming the Pokémon Champion of that region. He/She comes to the Nitidus City and meets with a weird-looking guy with the alias of "Miror B.", he is trying to steal a Pokéball but the police appears and he runs away leaving a mallet on the ground. A scientist, with the name of Professor Banyan, thanking the trainer for giving his mallet and offers a reward for him, three Pokéball there were inside the mallet. The Pokémon on the mallet are Marill, Jigglypuff and Pikachu. The trainer chooses one of them and then the Professor Banyan gives his card if the player needs any help.

Still at the Nitidus City, the player goes to the Nitidus Gym to challenge the Gym Leader, Paul, a Dark-type gym. After defeating the first gym, the trainer gets the Darkness Badge. Paul says to the player that the next gym leader is located at the Caldus City.

Martha's Story

A new member has finally gotten into Cipher, a scientist named Martha, who creates a prototype of the Shadow Pokémon project, but the project doesn't works, Martha discovers a source of energy that has been broken in eight parts located in Soliara / Moondaria. Martha is sent to find the pieces along with rookie Miror B. Martha recieves one of the three Pokémon, choosen by the player, a Growlithe, a Poochyena and a Zigzagoon. The first part is located at Aer City.

At Aer City, Miror B. is captured by an anti-Cipher corporation known as Greenstar Focus. The player finds the one that captured Miror B., Miromoto. Martha challanges Miromoto and wins the battle, Miromoto frees Miror B. and they find the piece in a nearby cave, but it is guarded by a raging Hariyama. Martha defeats the Hariyama, Miror B. captures it and gets the first piece. They recieve a call from the corporation saying that the next piece is at Perierat City.


The game is an action-role playing game. The game on the overworld plays like normal Pokémon games, the player can freely roam the cities and try to catch Pokémon on the tall grass. Battles, however, plays much differently. The battles take place in an open-world where the player takes control of the Pokémon during battle. The player uses moves by using the A, B, X and Y or by clicking on the moves on the touch screen part of the Nintendo Silver gamepad. The battles are more fast-paced than most of the other Pokémon games.

With the addition of playing as a Cipher scientist, players can now take control of Shadow Pokémon (only in a New Game+). The player has also the ability of capturing Shadow Type Pokémon while playing as a normal Pokémon Trainer but they cannot be used in battles unless they are purified.


Joel / Melissa's Story

  • Joel - Melissa - A Pokémon Trainer wanting to be a Pokémon Champion.
  • Professor Banyan - The Pokémon Professor of Soliara / Mondaria.
  • Paul - Gym Leader of Nitidus City, specialized in Dark-type Pokémon.

Martha's Story

  • Martha - A Cipher scientist.
  • Miror B. - A clumsy Cipher rookie.
  • The Admin - Cipher's leader.
  • Greenstar Focus - Cipher's rival.


See here for the normal Pokémon Pokédex.
See here for the shadow Pokémon.

The game has all the Pokémon from all the six generations. However, Origin of Shadows features a different Pokédex layout.



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