Pokémon— Aura Realm
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Genre(s) Adventure
Opening Theme Again
Ending Theme TBA
Country of Origin United States
Original Language English
Episodes At least 24 confirmed episodes
Runtime 23 minutes per episode

Pokemon - Aura Realm is an upcoming Pokemon-based anime television show being produced and mainly headed by TheFoxyRiolu. Taking place in a universe where Pokémon can speak human language freely and are free to roam the Earth, the show follows the adventures of a team of seven young Pokémon Treasure Hunters who travel across the new world to search for a long-lost legend, known as the Aura Realm.

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Main Plot

In an alternate reality where Pokémon are the dominant species on Earth over humans, Pokémon have inherited the language of another near-extinct species, and have split their Earth between eighteen kingdoms ruling over their own sector of the planet. Of course, bad Pokémon exist and bring war and destruction with them, which led to the concept of Treasure Hunters—groups of Pokémon who explore the world's unknown secrets—and, as such, led to a new purpose for them; to fight the Pokémon that wish to bring destruction to the new world.

Ryder, a happy-go-lucky Breloom who works at a popular tool shop, admires a group of Treasure Hunters led by a childhood friend of his named Azure, and, after getting mixed up with a conflict involving the Treasure Hunters, he ends up becoming an ally and member to Azure's Hunters. Here, Ryder travels the world with the Treasure Hunters to help them discover what could be an alternate realm to this world, known as the Aura Realm.


These are the characters of the show, categorized into main, antagonistic, and side characters.

Main Heroes

Character Description

A happy-go-lucky Breloom, and a childhood friend of Azure and Cynder, Ryder often admired Azure and his treasure hunters from his place as a worker at a popular shop until he inadvertently gets caught up in an all-out battle between Azure's team and a group of thieves from the Dark Kingdom. From there, after helping the team take out the thieves, he joins Azure's hunters and starts traveling with them.

Ryder is generally peaceful and modest, and as such is much more content staying at the back of the pack over fighting face-to-face. He mostly uses status and faraway attacks, like Spore and Bullet Seed, but he is also rather strong physically (though he doesn't admit it right away).


An arrogant but well-meaning Lucario, and the leader of his Treasure Hunter team. Azure captains many of the groupwide moves and is often in the front of the pack. Azure is childhood friends with Ryder and Cynder, and he still maintains a strong relationship with them today. He trained with an older Lucario to master his auratic skills, and this train has as such benefited his overall strength.

Azure mostly is a physical fighter, utilizing attacks like Power-Up Punch and Bullet Punch to his advantage. He also knows some faraway attacks, like Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere.


A snarky, sarcastic Infernape with a temper shorter then a Budew, Cynder gained her nickname "hothead" for a reason. Second-in-command in Azure's Treasure Hunters and a childhood friend of Ryder and Azure, Cynder usually tries to act with respect towards her peers, but her short temper means that she explodes a bit more often then some others.

Cynder uses a mix of pyrokinesis and hand-to-hand combat, even mixing the two styles with attacks like Fire Punch and Flare Blitz.


A dramatic and dashingly foreign Ampharos from the Electric Sector. Lumiere has a wild dream of being an actor, and as such he tends to act a bit dramatically in small situations. However, he is capable of completely lifting his somewhat-ridiculous performer personality during serious situations or even sometimes at his own will.

Lumiere mostly uses long-ranged Electric-type attacks, ranging from Thunderbolt to Shock Wave, as well as a few other interesting non-physical attacks like Power Gem. If he has to fight physically, however, he has Thunder Punch.


A Floatzel from the Ice Sector, Seiden was born in the Water Sector but, after his parents were brutally killed by a ravenous Huntail, Seiden was discovered by a team of Ice Sector Explorers and was taken in by a kind Walrein. Seiden is usually calm and collected in the midst of danger, and tends to crack jokes even in serious situations. However, his childhood led to a large fear of the larger lurkers of the water.

Seiden, as a Floatzel, mostly manipulates water as both an offensive and defensive element, and can use attacks like Aqua Jet and Hydro Pump to his advantage: he also knows some Ice-type attacks thanks to his upbringing.


A quiet Umbreon with an extremely Treasure Hunter-oriented family background. Feeling overshadowed constantly by her four older siblings, Ebony left her home in the Fire Sector to come to the Grass Sector and find somewhere where she could prove her worth; from there, she joined Azure's Treasure Hunters. Despite her sudden departure, Ebony maintains a strong relationship with her parents, her older siblings, and, most particularly, her younger sister, Rae.

Ebony manipulates darkness in various ways to attack, whether it be offensively (in the form of Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball) or supportively (in the form of Moonlight).


A quiet Dragonite hailing from the Dragon Sector, Dravi left his sector at a young age when a Hydreigon and many other dragons attacked the grotto he lived in, killing many of the dragons living there. Dravi, traumatized by the bloody attack, joined Azure's Treasure Hunters to help people rather then harm, like his fellow dragons.

Dravi has many different ways to fend off attackers, ranging from different Fire, Ground, Flying, Electric, and Dragon-type attacks.


An excitable Goodra raised in the Poison Sector, Cana is always happy to help out—even though she is a clumsy mess at times. Cana was raised in the Poison Sector after the attack at the Dragon Sector, and was often verbally abused by the disrespectful and rude Poison-types she lived with. Cana became a Treasure Hunter to fulfill her dream of traveling the world with people she cared about, which is slowly becoming a reality.

Cana uses both Poison (Sludge Bomb and Sludge Wave) and Dragon (Draco Meteor and Dragon Pulse) type attacks to fight, along with other ranged attacks like Fire Blast and Muddy Water.


A mysterious Mienshao from the Fighting Sector, and the Prince of that Sector's kingdom for that matter, Anii has a truly royal attitude. However, longing to get away from the constant expectations the kingdom has for him, he helps the Treasure Hunters at times when they need it, which proves helpful as Anii is very powerful physically.


Side Characters


The first season premiered on ????, which lasted 24 episodes.

Season 1

# Title Description
01 Treasure Hunters Ryder, an aspiring Breloom who watched his treasure hunter friends from afar in the past, gets caught up in a conflict between the Treasure Hunters and a group of bandits from the Dark Sector.
02 Dungeon Darkness Ryder is paired with Lumiere and Cynder to explore a pitch-black dungeon together, but when the planned exit is caved in, the three must find a way out.
03 Sector to Sector The Treasure Hunters travel to the particularly dangerous Fire Sector to take down the remaining Dark Sector thieves that are still active, but things get heated when Cynder is hypnotized by one of the thief leaders.
04 Prince of Power Azure picks a fight with a wandering Mienshao, who happens to be the prince of the Fighting Sector...and who also happens to be looking for an adventure of his own.
05 A Fellow Dragon Dravi and Cana visit the Dragon Sector for a mission, but dark memories of a past traumatizing event leads Dravi to an emotional breakdown.
06 The Place of New Power Ryder joins Seiden and Ebony on a mission to the Psychic Sector, and, after discovering a gargantuan database storage house, they decide to research the legend of the Aura Realm.
07 Getting to Know Your Fellow Fighters Ryder decides to separately spend time with each of his fellow hunters to learn more about them and try to assimilate to the group, where he learns how all of the members decided to join the Treasure Hunters.
08 The Dark Sector A maniacal Zoroark leading the Dark Sector's army wages war against the Psychic Sector, and the Treasure Hunters come to the Psychic's aid when the leader of the Psychic Sector is put in grave danger.
09 Eeveelution Family Reunion Ebony's large family comes to visit her in Grass Sector, and Ebony, who has hidden her role in the Treasure Hunters from them, is faced with a dilemma of trust with her family.
11 One Way Aura-nother Azure volunteers as a substitute teacher for a battle class at a local schoolhouse, where, after hours, he helps a student who can't seem to bring about his Aura capabilities correctly.
12 Loss, Capture, Action! Lumiere auditions for a movie role and gets the main role, and, after leaving the Treasure Hunters, discovers himself in a tough dilemma without his friends to help when the director holds all of the actors, including him, hostage.
13 Illumination While the other Treasure Hunters visit the Flying Sector to take on airborne criminals, they struggle without the help of their only Electric-type member, as Lumiere stays at Ryder's residence for a few days when he is forced to stay home.
23 I'll Be At Your Side (pt. 1) After an attack from the Dark Sector with a plan to destroy the Psychic Sector. Following an abrupt departure where Azure is taken to the Dark Sector, Ryder and Cana sneak off and infiltrate the Dark Sector to find the truth. Meanwhile, Cynder struggles to believe Azure betrayed the Treasure Hunters.
24 I'll Be At Your Side (pt. 2) Ryder, Cana, and Azure are trapped in an unknown place in the Dark Sector with several other complete strangers, and Cynder leads a group effort to get her friends back. Meanwhile, Lumiere goes undercover as a guard to find the truth about Azure's betrayal.

Season 2