Pokémon (live-action film)
Director J. J. Abrams
George Miller
Barry Cook (co-director and animation director)
Producer(s) J. J. Abrams
Bryan Burk
Reggie Fils-Aimé
Tatsumi Kimishima
Studio(s) Nintendo of America
Bad Robot Productions
Animal Logic
Remote Control Productions
The Pokémon Company
Game Freak
Distributor(s) Universal Pictures
Type Live-action/CGI film
Genre(s) Adventure
Music Hans Zimmer
Mark Mancina
James Newton Howard
Country of Origin USA
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Age Rating(s)
USA: PG-13 (for some scary monsters, and as well as fantasy action, thematic elements, and some suggestive images, language and humor)
Original Language English
Runtime 111 minutes

Pokémon is a American/Australian/Japanese live-action/computer animated hybrid adventure/action fantasy/science fiction film loosely adapted from Nintendo/Game Freak/Creatures' Pokémon franchise and as well as the famous Pokémon anime adaptation franchise by OLM, Inc. It's produced by Bad Robot Productions (the company who produced Star Trek reboots, CloverfieldSuper 8, and Star Wars: The Force of Awakens), Animal Logic (the makers of Happy Feet film series), for the animation of the Pokémon creatures, and Remote Control Productions, for a music score by Hans Zimmer, Mark Mancina, and James Newton Howard.


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Chaartcers and cast

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  • Aviator Pikachu - the pilot/controller of his fighter jet. He is accompanied on the jet by Dr. Chillycheeks. He wears a pilot suit and a brown aviator mask.
  • Dr. Chillycheeks / Professor Maril - Aviator Pikachu’s allias. She helps Aviator Pikachu steer his fighter jet each day. She wears black glasses with a white lab coat.
  • King and Queen Piplup - the monarch rulers of the countryside. Their troops frequently arrest local citizens for odd reasons, are pyromaniacs, and built a huge wall to keep the town’s people inside it.
  • Percy the Pheasant Poppilo - Percy tends to his family’s corn field in the countryside. He is good friends with Aviator Pikachu, as pikachu talks to him about aircraft science. However, rich King Piplup and Queen Piplup are ill-mannered towards Percy.