Pokémon + & - Versions is a Pokémon game for Nintendo Wii U. It's a sequel for Pokémon X & Y, which was for Nintendo 3DS. They're the primary paired versions of Generation VII..The release date isn't yet confirmed, but a new type is available on the game. 


New type/Type change

The game introduces a new type, Ninja type, that's usuable by Accelgon, Greninja, Kecleon, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot and Ninjask. Greninja isn't anymore Dark type, same as Ninjask, which isn't Bug type now.  

So, all the Dark and Bug attacks are removed from these Pokémon and you cannot train it for learn an attack with that types. Besides, Persian is now Psychic type.

One starter for one version

Unlike all Pokémon games, (except Pokémon Yellow Version) the game introduces one starter Pokémon for each version. If you chose Pokémon +, you'll get Plusle. But if you chose Pokémon -, Minun is your partner. Also, now Plusle and Minun have a evolution: Plusle evolves to Pluzeon; Minun evolves to Minumeon.

More information will be added soon.

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