Saga 1: Generation 1 has 150+ episodes in it to star every pokemon that first appeared in the first generation

Star Pokemon Episode Stars In
Bulbasaur Cute and Deadly
Ivysaur Brawl Smashers Part 2
Venusaur Earthshake
Charmander Fire and Power
Charmeleon Magma Dreams
Charizard Brawl Smashers Part 3
Squirtle Brwal Smashers Part 1
Wartortle Way of the Wartortle
Blastoise TNWater

Cute is Not

Meyapod Leaf Head
Butterfree Free as a Butterfree
Weedle Worm is the Word
Kakuna Coo,Coo Me
Beedrill Sting in the Hings
Pidgey Pig For Out the Eye
Pideotto Everyday I'm Pecking
Pideot Take Flight
Rattata Rat Escape
Raicate City of Rats
Spearow Spear Ace Though
Fearow Fearow is Feared
Ekans Ekaphobia
Arbok Viper Vipor
Mewtwo Negamon Universe
Mew In Your Dreams

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