PokéTransfer (Japanese: モンスターの変換, Monster Transformation), or simply Transfer, is an event occuring in the PokéMonger series. It involves the act of using a PokéHolder to call forth the captured Pokémon and enter it's body. All of the abilities that the Pokémon is able to use are able to be used by the PokéMonger. Many of these Mongers prefer to stay in their normal bodies most of the time, but some only leave the form when required; these people are refered to as Permagers, which is considered an offensive word to all people in the Pokémon world.

PokéTransfer was first introduced soon after the government began to pass bills limiting Pokémon battle. Because the government promised that pitting Pokémon against Pokémon in battle would be allowed again if the Pokémon themselves felt no pain, scientists set off to work on a way of allowing people to occupy a Pokémon's body, leading to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Eventually the PokéHolder was invented, phasing out Pokéballs and normal Pokémon fights. As such, they are now seen as the modern Pokéball.


PokéHolders are the main devices required for a PokéTransfer. PokéHolders are very similar in use to Pokéballs, being used to capture and store Pokémon. These, however, are considered more advanced. They feature a touch screen and buttons used to interact with the Pokémon with it still inside. When captured, the PokéHolder simulates a likable environment for the Pokémon so that they do not have negative thoughts of being and of the PokéMonger. It also provides exercise and feeding for Pokémon that are rarely released from the PokéHolder.

In order to capture a Pokémon with the PokéHolder, it must first scan the user to make sure that no other PokéHolders present have a captured Pokémon. After that, the PokéHolder will release a flash of light, turning the Pokémon into particles and taking them in. Afterwards, the particles will be recreated inside the PokéHolder. Along with this and the beforementioned things, PokéHolders are also advanced due to the fact that are able to replicate mobile phones, laptop computers and gaming devices in one form of device.


PokéHolders come in 7 Variations, each with their own advantages.

  • PokéHolder
  • Deluxe PokéHolder
  • Extreme PokéHolder
  • Master PokéHolder
  • Sunlight PokéHolder
  • Multiuse PokéHolder
  • Battery PokéHolder

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