Oshawitz in Terisopopo Land is a humor fan-fiction maded by Tetrisplayer as his last project in Fantendo. It's has been inspired by Mudkeep in Stilloseland and SPIDER-MAN IN WALDIOLAND. In this X in Y land, Oshawitz needs escape of the LEGO Land


  • Oshawitz: Oshawitz is a drunked Oshawott, one night, he goes to the bar to drink and wokes up in Terisopopo's Land.
  • PaperOlga: PaperOlga is a Emolga maded of Paper, he helps Oshawitz on his quest.
  • Terisopopo: He is a nerd guy who puts Oshawitz in your land.
  • Captian Morton: The captian Morton helps Oshawitz in your quest.

Confirmed Episodes

  1. The Things Start to F*ck Up!
  2. The Talking Paper
  3. Feel Like Chuck Norriz

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