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PokéPark 3: Wonders Again!

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PokéPark 3: Wonders Again!
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Developer(s) RaindropStudiosLogo
Publisher(s) RaindropStudiosLogo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Europe TBA
25px-Flag of Japan TBA
25px-Flag of Australia TBA
25px-Flag of USA TBA
Flag of South Korea TBA
Flag of China TBA
Single player


Media Included 3DS Cratridge

PokéPark 3: Wonders Again! is a Pokémon RPG game. It features serveral Pokémon from all of the generations.


On a evening on Fuzzyjell Island, serveral Pokémon were playing with each other in a forest spot. Suddenly, a big storm blows up. All Pokémon go hide for it; they don't want to get hurt. Bright yellow flashes strike the ground in the center of the forest spot. A shock wave is seen flying through the forest and all kinds of Pokémon are seen flying through the air. The group of Pokémon gets seperated by the the huge storm. A complete ravage was dealed to Fuzzyjell Island. All houses were destroyed (Yes, Pokémon have houses themselves here). There were trees everywhere.

Pikachu and Teddiursa come to consciousness. When they look around, they see no one. They walk to Stardust Beach. No one. What happened? Where was everyone?

  • The player now can play as Pikachu and Teddiursa and walk around the island.

After a rest, (they were tired because of walking around the whole island takes some energy) they decided to rebuild Fuzzyjell Island. They are seen carrying bricks, rolling small tree trunks and finally, there was a hut.

Pikachu and Teddiursa were sleeping. The morning comes. Teddiursa wakes up. She is sure she heard something. And she was right: two dark shadowy figures walk far away on the island. They were talking. Teddiursa wakes Pikachu, so that he could see it too. They decided to go near. They can hear them talking about "take over" and "sea" but they can't hear it very well furthermore.

  • Now the player has to play through Fateful Forest.


The game works pretty much the same

Playable Pokémon

Pic 1 Button Move Shake Controller Move Ability
PokéParkPikachu Iron Tail Dash Combo
ThunderboltCharge Attack
Iron Tail Pikachu can jump very high.
PokéParkTeddiursa Slash Dash Combo
Hyper Beam Charge Attack
Take Down Teddiursa can slam away rocks that block the path.
PokéParkVanillite Blizzard Dash Combo
Ice Beam Charge Attack
Blizzard Vanillite can freeze objects.
PokéParkVulpix Fire Blast Dash Combo
Flame Burst Charge Attack
Fire Blast Vulpix can burn items.
PokéParkOshawott Brine Dash Combo
Hydro Pump Charge Attack
Water Pulse Oshawott can swim.

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