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PokéPark 3
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
Summer 2014
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Whatever genre PokéPark games are.
Series PokéPark/Pokémon
Predecessor PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc, 3DS Card
PokéPark 3: Secrets of the Dream Park is the third game in the PokéPark series, developed by Electric Enterprises. Since it is released after Pokémon X & Pokémon Y, it has many characters from those games. Basically, it has Pokémon fromall six generations. It is planned to be released in the summer of 2014, and is for the Wii U and 3DS.


Intro: More than Just a Dream

Part 1: Journeys By the Bay

Part 2: Battling at the Fire Pit

Part 3: Soaring Over the Koorfill Mountains

Part 4: Diving into Action

Part 5: Tussling with the Rabbit Trio

Part 6: Relaxing at Vaniville Gardens

Part 7: Battling the Dangerous Legends

Confirmed Pokémon


Image Name Moves Skill How to Befriend Location Found Description
Pikachu SSB4 Pikachu Can move machinery with electricity Default PokéPark Central Pikachu is the main character in Secrets of the Dream Park. What started as just a fun visit to PokéPark Central became an exciting adventure, befriending Pokémon from six different generations all gather into PokéPark! His electric powers have the power to move machines like trains.
SSBBRZS Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Is able to float into sky briefly, or roll on land or water. Play a game of Chase PokéPark Central Jigglypuff is one of Pikachu's first friends. more to come about her. Jigglypuff is able to float around and is one of the fastest of Pikachu's friends.
653Fennekin Fennekin Can burn or melt some objects Have a battle The Fire Pit Fennekin is a rough-housing, sly fox who resides in the Fire Pit, where battle tournaments are held. Residing with strong Pokémon has made Fennekin anxious for any battle chance she gets. Using Flamethrower can melt objects like wood boxes.
661Fletchling Fletchling Fly Have a game of Chase Koorfill Mountains Fletchling is one of many Fletchling residing at the Koorfill Mountains. When Pikachu and Fennekin find him, he does not want to travel with them at first because of the race at Koorfill Stadium. He wants to win so that he will stand out. Pikachu helps him win and, after a friendly game of chase, he joins him in his travels. Fletchling is able to fly around, higher than the other Pokémon can.
656Froakie Froakie Swim Have a battle. Lake Couriway Froakie is a frog who is actually a prince, soon to take control of Lake Couriway from his father, Greninja. He loves competing in swim races they have at the lake, and spends most of his free time just practicing for any upcoming race. However, when he meets Pikachu and hears about his problem, he says that he'll help if he or one of his friends can beat him in a game of chase. Using Fletchling, Froakie is defeated and reluctantly accepts to help out Pikachu. He can swim in places where no one else can, and can encounter and battle/chase water Pokémon.
659Bunnelby Bunnelby Dig Battle and defeat Diggersby Santalune Forest Bunnelby is a young bunny who is often bullied by Diggersby and his gang. Being probably the weakest one in the Santalune Forest, he is picked on by almost everyone. Even the elder of the forest looks down upon him! But when Pikachu and his friends came, Bunnelby convinced them to battle Diggersby to convince him to stop bullying him. Upon defeating Diggersby, Bunnelby decided to travel with Pikachu to become stronger. Bunnelby is able to use his ears to dig into soft ground.
650Chespin Chespin Use Leech Seed to regain health. Have a battle. Vaniville Gardens Chespin was once just a weak little squirrel. Well, he still is. When Pikachu and friends came to the Vanniville Gardens, he was so eager to battle some strong Pokémon that he got carried away and badly hurt himself. Pikachu assisted him, and Chespin thanked him, explaining how he wanted to be like his idol, Chesnaught. Chespin decided that going on a journey with Pikachu would mean getting really strong, maybe stronger than Chesnaught. When Pikachu offered, Chespin accepted. Chespin is able to use Leech Seed to regain health of everyone in the team, but it has to recharge.
670Floette Floette Move large objects using Fairy Wind Rescue from Dream Park and play Chase with. Dream Park Floette is one of the founders of Dream Park. She used her magic to create Dream Park, along with several other Pokémon. But the other creators made almost all of it dark and evil, the opposite of what Floette wanted. When she objected, the other founders locked her up in Dream Park so that she couldn't return to PokéPark. When Pikachu releases her from her prison, she is so grateful that she joins him on his quest. Floette is able to move large objects using the move, Fairy Wind.

Secret Playable



PokéPark Central

Image Name Description
The Kings's Beach The Kings's Beach is sort of like the throne room of PokéPark Central. Many Pokémon gather here if they are new to PokéPark. You can find many Pokémon playing in the water or in the grass, or even in the sky.
Central District Central District is where Pokémon live and shop. Many also battle, Chase, play, and trade with each other. Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard sometimes visit here. This spot also has a large gate, leading to Dream Park.

The Fire Pit

Koorfill Mountains

Lake Couriway

Santalune Forest

Vanivile Gardens

Dream Park