PokéMario is an RPG adventure for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a cross between the Pokémon and Mario series. Mario characters (such as Mario and Luigi,) have replaced the gym leaders and trainers, while enemies (such as Goombas or Koopas,) have replaced the catchable Pokémon.

Developer(s) KOOPAKID1228
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Local Battles, Wi-Fi Battles
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Cartridge

Main Characters

Character Name Description
Mario Mario is the playable trainer if the player selects "Boy." His name can be changed.
272px-Peach MH3on3



Peach is the playable trainer if the player selects "Girl." Her name can be changed.
180px-MPA ProfessorElvinGadd
Professor E. Gadd Professor E. Gadd is the Professor of this game and gives the trainers their first Pokémon.
347px-Luigi MH3on3



Luigi is your rival if you selected Mario. The Pokémon he picks is the one that is stronger than yours. His name can be changed.



Daisy is your rival if you selected Peach. The Pokémon she picks is the one that is stronger than yours. Her name can be changed.
Bowser Bowser has caught every single Pokémon type in the Mushroom Kingdom. He plans to unleash them all so he can rule the kingdom. To stop him you must beat him in a battle with all 8 gym badges.

Starter Pokémon

Pokémon Name Description
Squiggler Squiggler is a grass-type caterpillar Pokémon. At Level 16, it evolves into a Wiggler, and at Level 32, it evolves into a Flutter.
Lava bubble
Podoboo Podoboo is a fire-type lava bubble Pokémon. At Level 16, it evolves into a Firesnake, and at Level 32, it evolves into a Magmaargh.
Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep is a water-type fish Pokémon. At Level 16, it evolves into a Cheep Chomp, and at Level 32, it evolves into a Porcu-Puffer.


Note: M/P = Mario/Peach L/D = Luigi/Daisy After Mario/Peach receives their Pokémon, they have a battle with Luigi/Daisy. After the battle, they meet E. Gadd at the Pokémon Center in Goomba Village (after going through Route 1. Then M/P heads of to Route 2. on Route 2, M/P finds a crowd of trainers watching a hologram of Bowser.

"I have caught every single Pokémon in this Kingdom! I am the master of Pokémon Battles! I shall unleash all my Pokémon across the land. And don't worry. I've trained them, TO ATTACK TRAINERS!!! Soon, you'll get sick of all the pain, you'll be forced to make me THE RULER OF THIS WHOLE KINGDOM! The only way to stop me is if one you newbies tries to beat me in a battle, but you'll need eight gym badges first, and I'll demolish you and your Pokémon! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!" The hologram says, and it disappears.

M/P understands his/her mission: to take on Bowser before he unleashes his Pokémon. You must travel all over the Kingdom to collect 8 gym badges.

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Name 1st Pokémon 2nd Pokémon 3rd Pokémon 4th Pokémon


(Koopa Village Gym Leader)

440px-Goomba MPL

Level 8 Goomba


Level 9 Koopa Troopa


Level 10 Spiny



(Dry Dry Outpost Gym Leader)                       

586px-Normal minibobomb
Level 12 Bob-omb

Level 11 Draglet

Rex Run SMW

Level 18 Rex


King Boo (Gusty Gulch Gym Leader


Level 15 Boo


Level 17 Boo


Level 19 Bomb Boo


Level 30 Boohemoth


General Guy (Shy Guy's Toybox Gym Leader)


Level 14 Shy Guy


Level 16 Shy Guy


Level 22 Bandit


Level 15 Fly Guy

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