PokéKarts S Version and F Version is a Pokémon racing spin-off developed by Peace Guerra and published by Nintendo for the 3DS. The game is similar to any normal Pokémon game but battles have been replaced with races and gym battles (and champion battles) are Grand Prixs. Also, the S version of the game has different pokémon appearing in the wild than the F version.


You play as a pokémon in a kart - or a Poké-Car fusion - racing around a course. Using the stylus in the bottom screen, you can switch between pokémon and attack. Attack other players to eliminate their pokémon so they have less chance of winning. Poké-Car fusions can only be born when some fully evolved pokémon are given a light-speed stone! You can give a fusion a mega stone to make it even stronger!

The games' story mode is similar to regular pokémon games but with racing elements. There are eight gym leaders and one champion. Trainer and wild pokémon races are 2-on-2 but gym and champion battles (as well as single race and some other modes) have eight racers.

How the Racing Works

The bottom screen becomes a menu after the race has started. On the left is your pokémon's attacks that can be used to eliminate other players and your party is on the right. The start button pauses the game but the menu is still on the bottom screen so it can sometimes make it easier to attack or switch. Most stages are three laps long but some can only be one.

Some pokémon are slow and some are fast. The winner is either the last party standing or the first to win the race! Swipe the bottom screen at the right time to get a boost at the start of the race.



  • Bottom Screen - Attack/Switch
  • LB - Accelerate
  • Circle Pad - Turn
  • START - Pause
  • Top Arrow - Reverse


  • Circle Pad - Move
  • START - Menu

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