PokéCombat is a 2.5D one-vs.-one brawler featuring many creatures from the Pokémon series. The game makes many references to the Pokémon main series games, especially Pokémon Red and Blue Versions. It was developed by VictoryStar and released for the Wii in 2008.


PokéCombat revolves around a one-on-one fighting style in a two-dimensional plane, but the characters and stages are in 3D. Each match consists of one round, where each fighter has a health bar, and the match is over when one one of the fighters' health bar is depleted. The game uses a three-button layout, where two are used for attacking while the third is used as the jumping button.

The stages, which are based off locations like Kanto Route 1, Mt. Coronet, Petalburg Woods, etc., feature interactive objects and multiple tiers. When the right attack is used while standing in the right spot of the stage, the opponent will be launched to the second tier. A few stages only have one tier. With interactive objects, one of two things will happen depending on the character: weaker character will use them as projectiles, while stronger characters use them as weapons. Other Pokémon, simply called NPCs, also inhabit the stages. These characters have some effect on the match, but not much. Most NPCs just watch the match from the background. NPCs like Beautifly fly out of bushes or jump out of water.

While this game does not have a story mode, each character does have missions that go in chronological order, serving as his/her mini-story. There is also a number of online match modes, including Last 'Mon Standing, Half Health Hassle, and Transition Tier Challenge.

Status conditions play a big role in this game. They will all go away after a short period of time. The conditions are burn (7 seconds), poison (7 seconds), infatuation (6 seconds), paralysis (6 seconds), sleep (5 seconds), and freeze (5 seconds). Many of the character's abilities are associated with status conditions. For example, Lucario's attacks become faster after having a status conditions with its Steadfast ability. Dragonair's Shed Skin shortens their effects, and so on.



Fighter Description Type Ability
Raichu Conquest
A very well-rounded character. Raichu is the perfect fighter for beginners. His long tail gives some of his attacks deceptive range. All-Around Static - Executed by pressing Back + Z. Raichu is temporarily surrounded by an electric field, paralyzing any foe close to him.
Charizard Conquest
Charizard is the only character that can double-jump. He can attack with is claws, wings, and fire breath. Power Blaze - When Charizard's HP gets below ⅓, his Flamethrower automatically gets more range and power.
Gardevoir Conquest
Gardevoir has the best long-range abilities in the game. All of her special moves can be used at a distance. Skill Trace - Executed by pressing Back + Z. All of Gardevoir's attacks are temporarily unblockable.
Toxicroak Conquest
One of the faster characters, Toxicroak's attacks take little time to excecute. He is a skilled aerial combatant. All-Around Poison Point - Toxicroak's special moves have a chance of temporarily poisoning the opponent.
Alakazam Conquest
Alakazam is the result of a good mix of long range and close range. With his spoons and psychic powers, he can chain together long combos. Skill Inner Focus - Alakazam cannot be burned, poisoned, frozen, or paralyzed, but can still fall asleep and get infauated.
Machamp Conquest
With his four arms, Machamp can execute long combos and powerful attacks. He is also the fastest Power-type character. Power No Guard - Attacks by or against Machamp are unblockable.
Ampharos Conquest
Ampharos is a more offensive and advanced version of Raichu. If the opponent is in the air, she can use Thunder as a part of her combos. Skill Static - Same as Raichu.
Gengar Conquest
With his tournament-level Levitate ability, Genger can stay in the air for an extended amount of time. His Hypnosis special move also comes in handy. Skill Levitate - By pressing Z in midair, Gengar can hover above the stage and fly around for a limited amount of time.
Metang Conquest
Metang is an advanced grapple fighter. It had great throws, and its Pursuit move allows it to slam opponent from the air into the ground. Power Clear Body - Same as Alakazam's Inner Focus.
Empoleon Conquest
With his Ice Beam, Empoleon becomes the only character that can freeze opponents. His large wings give his attacks deceptive range. Power Torrent - When Empoleon's HP get below ⅓, his Waterfall and Hydro Pump automatically get more range and power.
Scizor Conquest
Scizor is the fastest character in the game. His combos are very short, but they are also very powerful. He has great jumping abilities. All-Around Technician Executed by pressing Back + Z. Scizor's combos and standard attacks temorarily become slightly more powerful.
Dragonair Conquest
Many of her attacks involve her using her long body and squeezing the foe. With her Attract move, she can infatuate any character except Gardevoir, Ampharos, and Metang. Skill Shed Skin - Shortens the effects of burns, poison, paralysis, freezing, and sleep.
Lucario Conquest
Lucario is the lighest and most agile character in the game. He's very well-rounded, being able to do everything while not overly excelling at anything. Skill Steadfast - After being inflicted with a status condition, Lucario's attacks will become faster.
Snorlax Conquest
Snorlax is the most powerful fighter in the roster, but is also the slowest. His attacks are so slow, it is impossible to achieve a combo. He also has slightly more HP than the rest of the characters. Power Thick Fat - Blocks Fire- and Ice-type moves.


Fighter Description Type Ability
Meowth scratches like a cat, and his combos will make your cringe! Skill Technician - Same as Scizor.
Garchomp Conquest
Garchomp's fast special moves make him a worthy opponent. Power Sand Veil - Garchomp becomes faster when the match is in the Desert Ruins stage.
Aggron Conquest
This powerful Steel/Rock-type is unafraid of standard attacks. Power Sturdy - 1 HP is left from an attack that would normally defeat Aggron.



Name Description Tiers NPCs
Viridian Road A classic throwback of Route 1 from Kanto, this stage gives you a beautiful view of Viridian City. The second tier sends you to the outskirts of Pallet Town. 2 015MS 014MS 012MS PidgeotSprite RattataSprite
Cerulean Cave This arena is illuminated by the pink glow of crystals. Using a tier change attack will temporarily make the crystals stop glowing, blackening the screen. 3 MadnessMewtwo MewMadness PoliwrathSprite ParasectSprite
Pokémon Gym A place where classic Pokémon battles were held. It is based off of the Vermilion City Gym, where Lt. Surge himself watches from the background. 2 LtSurgeIVSprite ElectivireSprite ElekidSprite RaichuSprite OldManHGSSSprite MachopSprite
Spear Pillar The very top of Mt. Coronet. Dialga and Palkia reside here, reeking havoc on the battle at random. 1 DialgaSprite PalkiaSprite
Bell Tower This Johto tower is home to the legendary Ho-Oh. As the battle in the ground floor rages on, the tower crumbles. Ho-Oh can be found in the second tier. 2 HoOhSprite RattataSprite
Groovy Grove A peaceful forest based on Petalburg Woods. In the first tier, many Bellossom dance in the background. If the Breloom is angered, he'll punch you to the second tier. 2 BellossomSprite BeautiflySprite SlakothSprite BreloomSprite SceptileSprite
Power Plant This building provides electricity for Kanto. Zapdos watches your battle in the second tier, while Magnezone and Magneton are seen working in the first tier. 2 MagnezoneSprite MagnetonSprite ZapdosSprite
Forest Manor Based off the Old Chateau in Sinnoh, this mansion crawling with ghosts... humans and Pokémon alike. 3 MaidSprite HaunterSprite GastlySprite RotomSprite
Little Town This arena pays homage to Pallet Town. The first tier of the stage is in front of Red's house, and the second tier is none other than Professor Oak's lab. 2 SquirtleSprite BulbasaurSprite BlastoiseSprite VenusaurSprite OakIVSprite
Seafoam Islands This beautiful arena is filled with ice and Ice-type Pokémon. While you're battling, you can watch various Water-types jump out of the water. 3 Articun Cale SeelSprite StaryuSprite ShellderSprite GoldeenSprite DewgongSprite LaprasSprite WobbuffetSprite
Starry Night Don't get distracted by the beautiful sky or Legendary Pokémon! To make things challenging, the fighters are silhouettes. 1 MewMadness CelebiSprite ShayminSprite CresseliaSprite JirachiSprite ManaphySprite PhioneSprite DeoxysSprite
Little Town Night The same as Little Town, only at night. 2 OakIVSprite


Name Description Tiers NPCs
Indigo Plateau
Home of Kanto and Johto's Pokémon League, the arena takes in front of the Pokémon League building. 1 PolicemanIVSprite
Hoenn Frontier
This stage is based off the Battle Frontier in Hoenn. The three tiers are the Battle Pyramid, Batlle Tower, and Batlle Pike. 3 BrandonSprite RegirockSprite RegiceSprite RegisteelSprite LucySprite SeviperSprite AnabelSprite
Legendary Temple
This arena is home to the wildest PokéCombat matches... and the strongest Pokémon. 2 MadnessMewtwo HoOhSprite LugiaSprite KyogreSprite GroudonSprite DialgaSprite PalkiaSprite


  1. Getting Started ★ Stage: Little Town / Character: Raichu / Opponent: Charizard
    Use the right combos and defeat Charizard!
  2. Getting Started 2 ★ Stage: Little Town Night / Character: Raichu / Opponent: Random
    Use the right special moves and defeat your opponent!
  3. Getting Started 3 ★ Stage: Little Town Night / Character: Raichu / Opponent: Random
    Use the right combos and special moves and defeat your opponent!
  4. Fly Into Defeat ★ Stage: Viridian Road / Character: Any / Opponent: Random
    Defeat your foe with a tier change!
  5. Effective Environmentalist ★ Stage: Groovy Grove / Character: Any / Opponent: Random
    Use the environment to defeat your foe!
  6. Combination Domination ★★ Stage: Pokémon Gym / Character: Any / Opponent: Random
    Defeat your foe using only combos!
  7. Special Move Specialist ★★ Stage: Pokémon Gym / Character: Any / Opponent: Random
    Use only special moves to defeat your foe.
  8. Ultimate Defender ★ Stage: Cerulean Cave / Character: Any / Opponent: Ampharos
    Block 5 attacks from your opponent!
  9. Ultimate Defender 2 ★ Stage: Cerulean Cave / Character: Any / Opponent: Metang
    Block 15 attacks from your opponent!
  10. Ultimate Defender 3 ★★ Stage: Cerulean Cave / Character: Any / Opponent: Scizor
    Can you block 20 of Scizor's fast attacks?
  11. Engage The Target! ★★ Stage: Power Plant / Character: Gardevoir / Opponent: Dragonair
    Defeat Dragonair without blocking any of her attacks!
  12. Brawl ★★ Stage: Forest Manor / Character: Any / Opponent: Raichu, Lucario, Machamp
    Can you defeat 3 foes in a row?
  13. Ambush ★★★ Stage: Bell Tower / Character: Any / Opponent: Charizard, Scizor, Alakazam, Gengar, Empoleon, Snorlax
    Can you defeat 6 foes in a row?

Fighter Missions


See PokéCombat/Music


  • There are more Steel-types than any other type of Pokémon, with 5.
    • The next biggest number is tied between the Fighting and Psychic types, with 3.
  • Forest Manor is the Old Chateau's Japanese name.

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