"Poke'mon: Maroon," is a game developed by Nintendo and Dino Bino Inc.. Like all previous Pok'emon titles, "Pok'emon: Maroon," focuses on catching all the Pok'emon and beating Gym Leaders, not to mention a horde of villains who replaces Team Rocket!

For the Nintendo IC and Wii U, the game has amazing 3-D rendered graphics, while the 3Ds leaves it to 2-D graphics to finish the job. Hardcore Pok'emon fans would love to have this new title, even some non-gamers!


Professer Gantrus gives you either a Watlog, an Embira, or a Shrubub to start your Poke'mon journey. From there, an evil mastermind by the name of Antie has been trying to destroy all Poke'mon, and he thinks your trainer is trying to stop him! He sends out his best Poke'mon and henchmen to do the job and stop you.

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