Poisonshot's Reviews is a review show hosted by Poisonshot. This show reviews Fantendo's articles. Each review is split in three section: one about the good parts of an article and one about the bad parts of the article. The last section, which is optional, gives suggestion as to how to improve the creator's article. It's one of the members of the League of Fantendo Critics. The ratings for the pages are on a 1 to 10 scale.


Currently, no reviews have been done. There should be some soon, through.

Perfect (10/10)

These articles have no flaws and they're the best of Fantendo's Articles.

Awesome (9/10)

The articles with this rate have a lot of content and they have very few flaws.

Great (8/10)

Pages here go in-depth about the game's mechanic, the character's backstory, the movie's plot, ect.

Good (7/10)

These pages aren't perfection, but they're still cool, creative and worth reading.

Okay (6/10)

Okay articles that aren't very good but still have some good traits making them not that boring to read.

Boring (5/10)

Pretty boring, uninteresting articles. However, they still show clear effort.

Bad (4/10)

These articles are not interesting, uncreative and very boring.

Terrible (3/10)

Very boring pages that don't seem to have any effort spent in them.

Garbage (2/10)

These articles need a lot of improvements and don't seem to have potential.

Wall of Shame (1/10)

If these aren't on the Wall of Shame, then they should be on it. That's how horrible they are.


In order to organisate requests, there are different sections for requests. Post them either or the comments or edit the article yourself.

Fan Games

Articles that talk about a fan-made game based on an existing one. An example of one is Mario Super Brawlers.

Original Games

Requests in here should be for games which aren't based on an existing game. Take Motor Chickz for example.


Characters in general, whether they're fan character or original characters. An example of one is Unten.


Movies that may or may not be based on a game or another movie.


The pages here talk about a place in an original or fan-made world. Poisonmissa Isles can be considered one.


Any pages that don't fit in the categories above should be put here. (Weapons, equipments, game mechanics, ect)

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