Poison Mushroom is the final episode of series 2 of Super Mario. It aired on 3rd July, 2015. The episode will be concluded in Death Sentences.



Wario puts a Poison Mushroom in Mario's pizza, which causes Mario to be sick. The sickness eventually spreads throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser takes advantage of this and plans a massive attack on the kingdom.

Police Guy looks over the kingdom. Peach confronts him and said she got the sickness from hugging Mario. Police Guy says he is not infected by the sickness due to his different blood type and DNA from everyone else.

Toad also confirms that Rievoah has hugged and kissed Toad yet she is not sick. It turns out Rievoah is immune to the infection. Bowser is shocked by this, but says that won't stop him from taking over the kingdom.

Rievoah gets in touch with Wario and Police Guy so they can make a team. The three team up to save the kingdom.

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