Poison Mario2

Poison Mario

Poison Mario is one of Mario's Power-Ups that debuts in Ultra Mario World. Mario can become Poison Mario by grabbing the Poison Flower, that also appear in in Super Mario Universe: The Darkness Adventure. In Super Mario 64 Switch, the form appears only when Waluigi gets a Power Flower, instead of the Poison Flower.


Poison Mario can swim on poisoned Water and can run through toxic smoke clouds for a long period of time without taking damake. He is also able to release poisoned bubbles and toxic clouds around him, which can damage and confuse nearby enemies. The player also can use a poison spin, which can be used in mid-air for recovery and can be used to attack enemies. While swimming, the user is surrounded by a bubble of toxic water, which allows him to stay longer than usual underwater, and also protects him from enemies.


  • Mario can not transform in Poison Mario with the Poison Mushroom; the Mushroom is a kind of "evil mushroom" that is really poisonous and will make Mario small or die.