Point Tokens are collectibles from the Quest for Planet Veenic series that can be exchanged for items at Stic's store. Depending on the colour the Point Token has, the value is also different. Also, the more value the Point Token has, the rarer it is.  

Value by colours


Yellow Point Tokens, also reffered as just "Point Token", are worth 1 point. They are also the most common kind. They are the basic kind of Point Tokens.

Point Token

A yellow Point Token.


Orange Point Tokens are worth 5 tokens. They are pretty common, but not as common as yellow Point Tokens.


Green Point Tokens are worth 10 tokens. They aren't really common, but aren't really rare either.


Blue Point Tokens are worth 20 tokens. They are pretty rare.


Red Point Tokens are worth 50 tokens. They are very rare.


Gold Point Tokens are the most valuable and the rarest kind, which are worth 100 tokens.


Quest for Planet Veenic

They are collectibles in this game. They can be exchanged for items in Stic's shop.

Quest for Planet Veenic 2: Dawn of Darkness

They will be reapearing in the sequel of Quest for Planet Veenic, serving the same purpose. Trading them for items.

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