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The Podoboo Shoe is a red-colored Goomba Shoe. It appeared in an official game for the first time in Star Hedgehog: Adventurous Team, but it only appeared in lava levels. They also appeared earlier in the downloadable computer fangame Super Mario Bros. X. it also appears in the downloadable game mario editor,under the name baburu shoe (baburu is the japanese name for the podoboo).


When a player gets on a Podoboo Shoe, he/she will be immune to fire attacks (Like Fire Bro's fireballs) and jump on Podoboos to get a jumping boost. The wearer will also be able to walk on lava for a brief time (If the player stays on the lava for too long, he/she'll sink and lose a life because of the lava). In SMBX, you could walk on lava indefinitely.

If the player jumps on an enemy, the stomp will create two fireballs that will be launched from both sides.


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