Two Lava Bubbles jumping around.

Lava Bubbles, also known as Podoboos, are fireball creatures in the Super Mario series, that usually appear in castles as obstacles. Their main method of attacking is jumping out of the lava pools. They can be defeated with iceballs.

Rarely, in some games, they appear playable.

Game Appearances

Koopa Kart DS

Lava Bubbles appear as items in Koopa Kart DS. When thrown, they act the same as Bob-ombs do in the Mario Kart series. They reappear in the rest of the Koopa Kart Series after the DS version with the same function.

Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey

Lava Bubbles once again appear in Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey; in fact, this is their first appearance as a playable character, as additional players are able to control the enemies using Tricky. When controlled, the players can choose when to make them jump, and make them jump at a certain angle, trying to hit Mario. If a Lava Bubble lands on land instead of back into the lava, they will dissolve and be gone. Besides this, Lava Bubbles only jump straight up.


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