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Plunge in the Past
Plunge in the Past logo
The logo
Developer(s) Sam Station Inc.™
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Party,

Retro Gaming

First Game Plunge in the Past
Most Recent Game Plunge in the Past 4 - Cartoon Chaos
Wii U,

SamStation, Nintendo 3DS, FES

Plunge in the Past is a party game series produced by Sam Station Inc.™ in collaboration with other societies.

As the name of the game suggests, any game of the series relive the old games of a specific series.


Cover Name Ranking Description Release date
PLUNGE in Past NewBeterCover Plunge in the Past 5/5 In this game the player will revive the old Mario games.
  • Japan: December 28, 2013
  • Europe and America: January 4, 2014
  • Oceania: January 21, 2014
TBA Plunge in the Past 2 - Nintendo Edition 5/5 In this game the player will revive the old Nintendo's games.
  • Japan:22 april 2014
  • Europe and America: 3 may 2014
  • Oceania: 18 june 2014
TBA Plunge in the Past 3 - Fantendo Universe 5/5 This game feature the Fantendo's characters. 2015-2016
TBA Plunge in the Past 4 - Cartoon Chaos 5/5 This game feature varius Cartoon charactes 2016
TBA Plunge in the Past unnamed 5th game N/A TBA N/A

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