Plumbers in the Wrong Place is a chapter and the first world of the game, Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover, it takes place in Popstar's island, Green Fields

List of levels

Levels Description Bosses/Mini-Boss
Green-Green A plain and grassy place, a good place to practice your jumps. None
Whispy's Forest A deep dark forest, you will never know what is beyond when you go deeper. Beetroot Tree
Lake O' Pound This lake has candy in them and syrup in them, so avoid the water infested with those candy and syrups. None
Down the Creek This lake is leading down a water fall, so your only choice is a boat. None
Fleaful Chase The forest that is infested with flea eggs, if the eggs hatch, run! None
Peaceful Forest A rainforest that is peaceful but has Wigglers, something might have warped the Wigglers to this rainforest. Giant Wiggler
Down The Hatch Another rainforest, this time you must go down a tree that leads to underground. None
Cuttin' the Wood You came back from the underground and come upon a tree with it's spine almost cut, so time the tilt of the tree carefully. None
Drag out Kirby Kirby comes back from Mario's dimension, but Mario and Kirby must team up to climb a mountain. Cloudevils
Inspiration of Pleasure Kirby and Mario came upon another forest, this time it has Whispy Woods. Tree Guardian
Whispy Woods Cutdown The giant tree who inhabits his new forest and so as Green Fields as well. Whispy Woods

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