Plumber's Academy is the first Mario game ever. This game did not tell anything about Mario and Luigi's past, and was just a series of short games. In it, the brothers, in their Mario Bros. Plumbing Truck must drive around Brooklyn, New York in order to find the house with the person that needs plumbers. Once they reach the house, Mario and Luigi must fix anything broken by using tools.

The final level takes place in the sewers. There is also an academy where the brothers can stop for training. The game, strangely, does not focus on plumbing and appears to focus more on driving around New York City.


The game was given good reviews at the time, wuith the highest one being 78/100. The game was called fun. However, many people didn't like the fact that it would be beaten in one hour, and maybe two. Nowadays, unlike a long time ago, the game receives poor reviews.


With the sucess of this game, Nintendo created a new series of Mario with the next game being Super Mario Bros.: Fight for Freedom. The game was given merchandise such as the Mario Bros. Plumbing Truck toy and a little action figure featuring Mario carrying a plunger and another one with Luigi carrying a wrench.

Also a cartoon called A Plumber's Show! was made. Altough the cartoon series was released after Super Mario Bros. and features a few characters from Super Mario Bros., the series appears to be based on Plumber's Academy more.

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