Developer(s) Fritez Co. Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) DS, Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2013
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
1-Player Tourtment mode and 4-Player Adventure mode and 4-player battle mode.
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Action, War
Media Included Plazzamonium Wii/DS Disk/Card

Plazzamonium is a Baby Waffle centering around ϞPlazzapϟ and his interests. The game is a cartoonish-war kind of game involoving many weapons and fighting. Plazzamonium is for the DS and Wii and is produced by Fritez Co.



In the normal 4-player battle mode players compete by first choosing their character all with unique stats and each with a special weapon/ability that can be used by pressing a special button then by choosing two weapons each executed by pressing a certain button picking a stage each having its gimmicks and setting rules. In a normal battle each player or COM is given 3 full lifes. The winner must be the last one standing so in order to win the players must cause enough damage so all the opponent's life points will go out and the all their lifes. The battlefields are about 18 tiles long by the same amount wide on average. There are also many other kinds of modes like Smash Battle.



16px-DS Pad.svg-Move Cursor/Move
DS A Button-Select/Use Weapon 1
DS B Button-Back/Use Weapon 2
DS Y Button-TBA/Use One-Use Weapon
DS X Button-TBA/Use Special Weapon/Ability
DS R Button-TBA/Scroll Through One-Use Weapons Right
DS L Button-TBA/Scroll Through One-Use Weapons Left
DS Stylus-Select/Other



Image Name Description Special Wepon/Ability Special Racing Item
Mario Mario that famous red-capped plumber is back armed with some of his favorite Power-Ups!  Mario like always is a balanced character good for beginners. But that still doesn't mean he can't pack a punch! Fire Flower Super Leaf
Yoshi Who could be more loveable than this gluttonus dino? It's odd that he lays eggs but not eveything is normal... Yoshi is very speedy character but quite weak.  Tounge Egg
Toad This mushroom man has a head that looks fun enough to jump on! But please refrain from that beacause dispite being small Toad packs more than just one little punch! Toad is a fairly strong character but has bad control/turning. Mushroom Bumper Shroom
Kirby How could this jolly little soul miss a big bash! Especially when there are tons of snacks around! And by snacks I mean rivals! Not only that but Kirby takes the "You are What you eat" phrase litteritley! Kirby is slightly tricky but has a small disadvantage on strength. Inhale/Swallow Power Paintbrush
Meta Knight Meta Knight is good and evil, friend and foe, buddy and bad guy. But why is a mystery, most everthing about this guy is a mystery. But what could be under that mask... Meta Knight is quite strong and speedy but has bad control/turning. Mach Tornado Dimensional Cape
Samus TBA Charge Shot Super Missle
Zero Suit Samus TBA Plasma Whip Plasma Shot
Bub Coming from the rather obscure and forgotten Bubble Bobble Bub loves bubbles enough to spit them! Although being a human he keeps wounding up as this bubble dragon thing! Bub is very balanced and an all-around character good for beginners and bubble lovers of all kinds! Bubble Stream Mega Bubble
Phineas Baseball Gun Rollercoaster
Teardrop Aqua Blast Surf Pad
Speedy Belly Slide Northern Star
Fruity Fether Jab Mango
YonenBooe Abstrct Swirl Gold Bomb
Tabooki Tail Whip




Image Name Size Description Notes
Mini Plazmadash Small Average speed, acelleration and off-road.
Plazmadash Medium Average speed, acelleration and off-road.
Mega Plazmadash Large Average speed, acelleration and off-road.
Red Fire Medium Slightly over average speed, slightly lower than average acelleration and average off-road. Can only be ridden by Mario until all  racing bosses are defeted.
Eggscrambler Medium High speed, average acelleration and low off-road. Can only be ridden by Yoshi until all racing bosses are defeated.
Shroomster Small Low speed, high acelleration and average off-road. Can only be ridden by Toad until all racing bosses are defeated.
Warp Star Small  Slightly over average speed,very low acelleration and high off-road. Can only be ridden by Kirby until all racing bosses are defeated.
Meta Dasher Small Very high speed, slightly lower than average acelleration and low off-road. Can only be ridden by Meta knight until all racing bosses are defeated.
Starship Medium slightly over average speed,  low acelleration and slightly over average off-road. Can only be ridden by Samas  and Zero Suit Samas until all racing bosses are defeated.

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