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Play-Yan as he appears in Rhythm Heaven Fever
Full Name Play-Yan
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Rhythm Heaven
First Appearance Play-Yan Kun
Latest Appearance RhythmWare
Series Rhythm Heaven
 Play-Yan is a minor character in the Rhythm Heaven series. He is the main character in the minigame Night Walk and was featured walking and jumping in the loading screen of RhythmWare. Play-Yan was also the main character of the obscure Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS media player add-on named after himself. He also makes a cameo as a backdrop in Nintendo 3DS Sound when listening to music from a SD Card.


Play-Yan is a very simple-looking stick figure with eyes and a smile, When hit by an Electric Fish in Rhythm Tengoku, he turns black and his eyes then become white.


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