Platinum Skies
Platinum Skies is a Pokémon-themed fanfiction written by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc). This fanfiction series follows the adventures of 15 year-old Pokémon Trainer, Thomas, as he works for Professor Rowan to complete the Sinnoh Pokédex, and collect all eight Sinnoh gym badges at the same time, with the help of both human and Pokemon partners.



Human Characters

Thomas's Team

===Natasha's Team

Joshua's Team

Miscellaneous Pokemon Characters

Episode List

Each episode will be written in story form. They will be written in the order of their "write date", and a new episode will be written every week (hopefully).


  • The series takes inspiration from both the Pokéverse, another Pokemon fanfiction in Fantendo (written by Darth Phazon (tbc)) and Random Doom, a DeviantArt webcomic written by user TamarinFrog.
    • The Pokéverse focuses on a trainer's adventure through a region in a much different fashion than the Pokémon anime, while Random Doom focuses much more on the Pokemon under ownership of the trainer then the trainer itself. Both of these qualities are present in Platinum Skies.
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