Platinum Rise BA

The game's boxart

Platinum Rise is a game for Nintendo DS made by Twenty-Second Choice, and the first released game in the series.


Rise and Platina are two recently created clones of Advent, who wake up in an underground facility owned by 3.14. They hear Rose's voice over the intercom, instructing them on moving forwards through the facility.

3.14 has created a new technology which allows them to create and manipulate small, pocket dimensions easily. The technology will be much more efficient than their previous Haraith project, but before they begin mass production they are choosing to perform more tests involving it, with Rise and Platina as the "guinea pigs".


  • Rise: A clone of Advent, he has been created to be identical to a younger version of Advent, including his personality; he is determined to complete the tests but has conflicting feelings regarding his motivation.
  • Platina: An opposite gendered clone of Advent, her personality strays more from their father than Rise. She has a strong sisterly tie with Rise, and possesses Advent's determination, redirected into protecting her brother.
  • Advent: The owner of 3.14, a research company funded by the Rakylian military. He cloned himself to utilise the clones as subjects for their experiments, with Rise and Platina being the latest.
  • Rose: A member of 3.14 with a degree in psychology, she was hired to ensure the mental health of Advent's clones as they test 3.14's technology.


Platinum Rise is a 3D platform shooter, where the player controls Rise (and, if a second controller is connected, Platina).

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