Plasma the Chipmunk is a 9 year old green Chipmunk who lives with Sparky the Porcupine. He is Sparky's best friend, as well as his sidekick.


Sonic's Science Adventure

Plasma has been living with Sparky since he was born. Plasma also appears as a playable character in Sparky's Story. He also start helping Sparky since he was 4. When Froze deceases back to his own dimension, Plasma takes pity of the crying Sparky.

Sonic and the Chinese Temple

Plasma is a playable character in the game's Multiplayer mode. He can be unlocked by collecting 188 AngPaos.


Plasma is a very happy and friendly chipmunk. He likes helping Sparky in his experiments. He also dislikes violence. Plasma also has very close relationships with Sparky, Tails and Cream.


Plasma can shoot plasma lasers out of his eyes. His only weakness is getting badly injured.

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