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Plasma and Spirit is the first episode of Season 0, and it introduces Plasma and Spirit.


Plasma: Hello? Is this thing on

Plasma and Spirit stare at the webcam, and they stop

Spirit: I think it is..
Plasma: Perfect! Hello, people from Earth, I am the sinister Pl-
Spirit: I'm Spirit, and I can summon shadow hands

Plasma looks to Spirit, clearly agitated

Plasma: She also has shadow tentacles.

Spirit smirks as a writhing mass of tentacles rises from the shadows

Plasma: Now's not the time for that.
Spirit: Damnit...

The tentacles dissapear in midair

Plasma: Anyways, back to where I left off.

Plasma conducts an electric ball from her hands

Plasma: I'm Plasma, I'm a pretty insane person.
Spirit: Insanely hot.
Plasma: That too.


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