Plants vs Zombies: Reborn
Developer(s) GearworksLogo
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Release Date(s)
Adventure, Minigames, Puzzles, Survival
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Strategy & Defense

Plants vs Zombies: Reborn is a strategy game developed by Gearworks Gaming and is successor to Pop-Cap's Plants vs Zombies. Plants vs Zombies: Reborn contains a new plot, more plants and zombies than the original and more level varieties.


4 Years after Dr. Zomboss was defeated in the player's garden, a scientist, Dmitri Mokhl, found documents Zomboss recorded in the bottom drawer in the lab he worked in and decided to re-open the Zombie project. Dmitri attempted to open the Zombie project again due to the fact he was living on limited life-support, and needed cholesterol to keep him alive for longer, and because of the fact zombies are attracted to brains he decided to use this for his advantage, releasing his zombies house to house in order to get the brains he needs to survive and to recruit more zombies in the process. Some of Dmitri's zombies manage to get to the player's yard and come and attempt to eat the brains of the player, the player's only defense against them is the seeds he brought at the local gardening shop created by Bloom & Doom Seeds Co. to "Defend against Zombies".


In-game, the player starts with his yard, which differs in dimensions from 5x10 squares and above. The player can place plants to defend himself/herself from the oncoming zombie horde at the cost of Sun. Sun is the main commodity ingame and can be collected either by the falling sun from the sky or from Sun- Producing plants such as the Sunflower. Zombies will attempt to invade your yard and eat the brains by coming from the right to your house. Zombies are only limited to the lane they spawn in. (Unless they eat a plant called Garlic, causing them to switch lanes) Should a zombie come across to the end of the yard a Lawn Mower will run it over and won't respawn until the end of the level, leaving a gap in which zombies can go through. If the zombies manage to bypass all the player's defence they will enter the player's house and eat their brains. Once you gain enough seeds, you can select plants to use in the level which adds more strategic choices during the game. Crazy Dave, a neighbour from next door, will also run some minigames and sell you items once you find his Car Keys to access Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, where you can buy Upgrade Plants and other items to help you as the zombies raid your house.


Image Name Almanac Description Effect Sun Cost Unlocked
Peashooter Peashooter It takes pollen, sweat and tears for the Peashooter to perfect his pea-shooting. And it's all worth the while once the zombie kill count from this plant begins to rack up. Shoots Peas at a normal rate of fire 100 Default
N/A Sunflower The Sunflower always seems to be bobbing back and forth to this beat which only it seems to hear, the life-giving, jazzy rhythm given off by the earth. Produces Sun at a regular rate 50 Level 1-2
N/A Cherry Bomb The two cherries seem to always argue about weather to detonate or explode. After a short amount of discussion between each other they decide to explodonate. Explodes, killing most zombies within range 150 Level 1-3
N/A Wall-Nut Meet the Wall-Nut! A Homeowner's simple solution to zombies eating on your plants! It's simple, easy and quick to set up! Just place the Wall-Nut in front of your plants and block any zombies from eating your precious greenery! Only 50 Sun per Wall-Nut, conditions apply and warranty not garunteed. Protects plants behind it because of it's hard shell. 50 Level 1-4
N/A Potato Mine The Potato Mine is a figure spies should look upon because of it's stealthy way of killing zombies. Thing is, spies don't self detonate into a million pieces

once the enemy comes by.

Explodes once a zombie steps on it, however takes time to arm itself. 25 Level 1-6


Image Name Almanac Description Speed Toughness First Appearance
N/A Regular Zombie Average, run of the mill zombies who are a guaranteed sight at raids on houses. They simply don't care about any other zombie on the field and just do it for the brains. Slow Low Level 1-1
N/A Conehead Zombie Zombies which became curious about the Road-Cones nearby the curb and decided to put it on their heads for protection. Slow Medium Level 1-3
N/A Buckethead Zombie The Prized Bucket on the Buckethead Zombie provides decent protection from any plants in which might try to destroy it. The Buckethead Zombie and his bucket have been connected since the day they met, and don't plan on going apart any time soon. Slow High Level 1-3