Sun Cost 100
Recharge Fast
Plant Food Ability Shoots 60 peas.
Unlocking Criteria Default
Tier D

Peashooter is a plant found in Plants vs. Zombies: Multiverse Madness. It is available from the start.

Basic Information

Peashooter is the first plant unlocked in the game, and the only default one, similarly to its incarnations in Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is the only regular offensive plant in the player's arsenal until they complete Home - Day 7 and unlock Frisbee Shooter. In this game, its role is basically the same as always - it shoots peas.

Almanac Entry

Peashooters are your first line of defense. Their job is simple - they shoot peas at zombies.

Sun Cost: 100
Recharge: Fast
Damage: Normal
Range: Straight
Toughness: Average

Peashooter really wonders if his real purpose in life is to fight zombies. He practically has a better version of himself in every aspect! Repeater shoots more peas, Snow Pea shoots frozen ones...sigh. To be a Peashooter.

Level Upgrades

Level Upgrade Description
Level 2 Pea Power Damage of peas increased by 1.5x.
Speedy Peas Recharge time decreased to 4 seconds.
Level 3 Strengthened Peas Damage of peas increased by 2x.
Speedy Peas X Recharge time decreased to 3 seconds.
Level 4 Pea Combo Has a 20% chance to perform the Pea Combo, which shoots five peas at once.
Conserved Peas Sun Cost decreased to 75 sun.
Level 5 Pea Combo X Pea Combo chance raised to 30%.
Toughened Peas Toughness increased to 8 bites.
Level 6 Giga-Pea Peashooter has a 20% chance of shooting a large pea. This upgrade does not stack with Pea Combos.
Splash Peas Peas deal 0.5x splash damage (in a 3x3 area).
Level 7 Cell Surge
Peashooter has a 25% chance of being boosted when planted.


Peashooter is the player's first offensive plant in the game, making them a staple early on if the player wants to defeat zombies. Peashooters will, normally, shoot one pea every 1.2 seconds, which means that it takes a Peashooter 12 seconds to take out an average, 10 HP Zombie. While this isn't remarkable, it's decent for the early game, where tougher zombies aren't common and as a result Peashooter's low damage and firing speed isn't a huge issue. However, later on, Peashooter generally loses its effectiveness due to better and more efficient offensive plants becoming available.

When combined with Torchwood, Peashooter's efficiency increases greatly, as its peas will now deal more damage and deal splash damage.

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