Plants vs. Zombies: Multiverse Madness
Developer(s) PopCap Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) iOS
Thermo Z
Release Date(s)
July 15, 2017
Adventure Mode
I, Zombie
Endless Zones
Daily Challenge
Zen Garden
Achievements & Leaderboard
Age Rating(s)
215px-ESRB Everyone 10+.svg B cero PEGI 7 Usk12
Genre(s) Tower Defense
Series Plants vs. Zombies
Predecessor Plants vs. Zombies 2
Successor N/A

Plants vs. Zombies: Multiverse Madness is a tower defense game released by PopCap Games. It is the third game in the core Plants vs. Zombies series and was released for iOS and Android devices, as well as the Thermo Z, internationally on July 15, 2017. It revolves around the player, Crazy Dave, and Penny exploring the multiverse's dimensions to stop Lord Corpso (and, less so, Dr. Zomboss) from taking over the universe.



The game's objective is generally similar to the previous two core series installments; the player must defend their lawn from a horde of zombies, sometimes including bosses. To do so, they must use mutated plants that will attack zombies, defeating them. Upon defeating the zombies, the level will be completed and the player can progress on to the next level (or world).

The game's world and level system is pretty similar to that of Plants vs. Zombies 2 (prior to the 1.7 update); there are multiple universes, and within each one is around 25 levels. There is a main path containing 16 levels, which some levels having branched paths containing extra levels. There are a total of 3 branched paths per world; each path has 3 levels of a certain Brain Buster, and by completing those 3 levels, the player obtains something, usually a [rare] plant or upgrade. To go into a branched path, the player must have a certain amount of stars; stars are obtained from performing well on a level. The requirements for getting three stars vary from level to level; however, the requirements tend to be not losing lawn mowers or losing plants. The 10th main path level of each world is a mini-boss battle, and completing it unlocks the world's Boss Gate, which needs to be unlocked to challenge the world's boss, as well as a Dimension Crystal, which enables access to other dimensions. The last level of each main world is a face off with Dr. Zomboss, with him in a different robot or utilizing a different strategy for each world; upon defeat, the player will be awarded with a Dimension Key, which are items needed to complete the game (all Dimension Keys are needed to challenge the final boss).

However, other elements from the 1.7 update's changes return, including faster zombie spawn rates/seed packet recharge rates and the change from 25 sun to 50 sun.

The game also contains the Zen Garden, which has been revamped from its first two incarnations. It now combines the previous two Zen Gardens somewhat, and adds its own new features from this game. Similarly to the Plants vs. Zombies Zen Garden, the plants that appear are kept infinitely and can constantly be watered and taken care of to obtain coins (although only one of each plant can be kept), and mushrooms and aquatic plants have their own gardens. However, similarly to the Plants vs. Zombies 2 Zen Garden, plants can be boosted by being taken care of; upon being watered, they will take some time to grow, and then they can be fertilized to get a boost effect. When the player uses the new and rare Fertilizer X (which comes in Omega and Alpha variants), the plants will glow with a multicolored radiance, showing that, after some waiting, they will be leveled up. Leveling up will be discussed below.

The Leveling system is a feature that allows players to level up their plants, making them have new upgraded features such as stronger attacks, a lower sun cost, or a faster recharge. Plants sprayed with Omega Fertilizer X will be upgraded in their first path primarily, while it is the opposite for Alpha Fertilizer X. The other path can be unlocked when the first path is finished upgrading fully. However, note that some plants only have one leveling path rather than two.

Game Modes

  • Adventure Mode: The main mode of the game, and the only default one alongside Options. It is essentially the game's "Story Mode"; the main plot is shown throughout this mode, and it is where the player gains pretty much most of the game's content.
  • Minigames: A mode returning from Plants vs. Zombies. Minigames are levels with special features or purposes; they usually contain gameplay elements not seen in any other part of the game, and are essentially made to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. It is unlocked by completing Home.
  • I, Zombie: A game mode containing a total of 50 playable levels, as well as an Endless Mode. In this game mode, the player takes control of the zombies, who are practicing their abilities on cardboard plants; the player must use their zombies to defeat the cardboard plants and obtain the brain in each lane. This incarnation of I, Zombie is much larger than the Plants vs. Zombies version and contains more content as a result. It is unlocked by completing Day ??? of ???.
  • Vasebreaker: Another game mode returning from Plants vs. Zombies. Vasebreaker, while shorter than I, Zombie, is still pretty long and features a good amount of content. It contains 31 levels, with there being 3 sets of levels all based on a world; there are 30 world-based levels, and one endless level. This mode is the only mode to unlock power-ups, and it also unlocks certain plants. It is unlocked by completing Day ??? of ???.
  • Endless Zones: Extra levels unlocked by completing each zone's respective world. These Endless Zones are essentially identical to the ones in Plants vs. Zombies 2; however, revealing a Mystery Card costs 1000 coins now, and usually has a higher chance of getting a plant ranked with a high tier. Endless Zone records are listed on the game's leaderboards.
  • Daily Challenge: A mode that can be compared to the Piñata Parties of Plants vs. Zombies 2. Each day, a new challenge is released; completing this challenge allows you to spin the Wheel of Greens, which offers many prizes, such as exclusive plants or currencies. Upon winning 5 consecutive Daily Challenges, the player can spin a larger Wheel of Greens with much better prizes, and will also be guaranteed three prizes, as they get three spins.
  • Zen Garden: See the Zen Garden header above.
  • Achievements & Leaderboard: A section used to show completed achievements and a leaderboard showing top players for Endless Zones, Endless Modes on I, Zombie and Vasebreaker, and more.
  • Options: A section that can be used to adjust various options, including music and SFX volumes, battery conservation, and more.


There are a total of 11 worlds in the game. starting with Sloped Dimension, each world alternates between a day-night cycle. Home and Dimension Zom-B break this cycle, however, as the former is a daytime dimension and the latter is a nighttime dimension.

World Description Level Amount Mini Boss Boss
Home The first world of the game, and a tutorial of sorts. It introduces the game's mechanics and unlocks some basic plants. 8 N/A Gargantuar
Sloped Dimension A world containing a sloped ground that straight-shooting plants cannot shoot over. Therefore, your best bet is using lobbed shot plants or indirect damage plants. 25 Gargantuar Zombot Mini
Foggy Dimension A dimension plagued with a constant thick sheet of fog covering it. Therefore, you'll need something to counter it, like Planterns or Blovers. 25 Gargantuar Zombot Fog Fighter
Aqua Dimension A dimension where the majority of the screen is covered by water, so you need to use Lily Pads or aquatic plants to have any kind of defense. Expect a lot of new zombies. 25 Sea Dragon Zombot Aquatic Assassin
Shade Dimension A world that is pitch black and has little to no light, essentially forcing you to use lights to see anything. Certain zombies, particularly Plant Food-infested ones, may glow. 25 Gargantuar Zombot Gloom Gladiator
Frost Dimension An icy land where heat is necessary as arctic winds constantly blow across the battlefield. Get your scarves and gloves, because we're going sledding! 25 Reindeer Gargantuar Zombot Cryotic Clasher
Pyro Dimension Weird how icy and fiery universes are located directly next to each other. Anyhow, this world has lava constantly flowing through it, where most plants cannot be planted. If you want something to keep your plants from burning alive, try out an ice plant. It might help, surprisingly. 25 Lava Dragon Zombot Lava Lord
Cyber Dimension A futuristic universe where zombies have improved greatly technologically, now possessing forms of robotics and electronic simulation. It's honestly baffling how they know this anyway, they don't even have brains...or do they? 25 Pixel Gargantuar Zombot Wired Warrior
Neon Dimension A bright, vibrant world using decoration reminiscent of the 80's. Even so much that their music culture is all about that. Pop, punk, name it. Anyway, it contains a lot of colorful tiles that have different effects on plants and zombies. Get creative! 25 Hair Metal Gargantuar Zombot Multi-stage Masher X
Crystal Dimension A world that's located underground, where weird mutated crystals affect zombies and plants alike. It's rumored that these crystals can kill you...but who cares? They're pretty! Also, don't worry about sun...there are cracks in the ceiling. 25 Crystal Golem Zombot Jewel Juggernaut
Stormy Dimension This dimension is a rough one, where storms constantly sweep the jungle area this dimension is located in. Rain puts out fire plants, and creates puddles that only aquatic plants can be planted in. Plus there's fog on some levels. Oh, and don't forget about the lightning that strikes tiles, killing everything within them. Yeah, this place isn't so neat. 25 Tropical Cyclone Zombot Tempest Titan

Brain Busters



For more in-depth information, check each plant's individual page by clicking on their name.

DISCLAIMER: The plant information shown is only for their default information; not upgrades. Upgrade information is found on their individual page.

Name Time
Fast 5 secs
Mediocre 12 secs
Sluggish 20 secs
Slow 32 secs
Very Slow 60 secs
Absolute Zero 80 secs
Image Plant Description Sun Cost Recharge Plant Food Ability Unlocking Criteria
Peashooter2 Peashooter Peashooters are your first line of defense. Their job is simple - they shoot peas at zombies. 100 Fast Shoots 60 peas. Default
Sunflower2 Sunflower Sunflowers create sun, making them very useful and important plants. Try to plant as many as possible! 50 Fast Produces 200 sun. Complete Home - Day 1
Wall-nut2 Wall-nut Wall-nuts are durable plants that can be used to stall zombies with its hard shell. Use it to protect your weaker plants! 50 Sluggish Gains metal armor, restoring and doubling its health. Complete Home - Day 3
Potato Mine2 Potato Mine Potato Mines are cheap plants that can be used to quickly take out a zombie - however, they need some time to arm. They should be planted ahead of zombies they want to take out. 25 Sluggish Instantly arms itself and launches two Potato Mines onto two unoccupied tiles.* Complete Home - Day 5
Frisbee2 Frisbee Shooter Frisbee Shooters throw straight-shooting frisbees that hit everything in the lane. However, they keep going forward and do not return to it. 150 Fast Shoots a slow-moving huge frisbee that does heavy damage to every zombie hit by it. Complete Home - Day 7
Bonk Choy2 Bonk Choy Bonk Choy is a plant that rapidly punches nearby enemies that are behind or in front of it. 150 Fast Punches in a 3x3 area around itself. Complete Home - Day 8
Cabbage-pult2 Cabbage-pult Cabbage-pults hurl cabbages at the enemy, throwing them over any obstacles in the way. 100 Fast Blasts cabbages onto every zombie or object on the lawn. Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 1
Kernel-pult2 Kernel-pult Kernel-pults fling corn and on occasion stunning butter at zombies. 100 Fast Hurls butter onto every zombie on the lawn.* Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 3
Spikeweed2 Spikeweed Spikeweed is a defensive plant that stays on the ground and cannot be eaten. Zombies that step on it will take damage. 100 Fast Creats huge thorns that dig through the ground, drawing all zombies in the lane to it and dealing damage to them. Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 5
Chomper2 Chomper Chompers are aggressive plants that bite and chew on zombies in front of them. They take time to chew, however. 150 Fast Inhales 3 zombies in its lane and burps them out, pushing other zombies in the lane back and enabling it to eat.* Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 7
Melon Slice PitcherAS Junior Melon Junior Melons are small, adorable plants that fling melon slices at their enemies, dealing light damage and splash damage. 175 Fast Flings a melon slice at every zombie or object on the lawn. Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 8
Iceberg LettuceLawn2 Iceberg Lettuce Iceberg Lettuce is a chilly plant that freezes the first zombie to step on it - it then disappears. 0 Sluggish Freezes every zombie on the lawn. Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 10
Cherry BombLawn2 Cherry Bomb Cherry Bombs are highly dangerous plants that explode on planting in a 3x3 area. 175 Slow Explodes in a 5x5 area.* Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 12
Melon-pult2 Melon-pult Melon-pult is a powerful plant that flings heavy melons at zombies that deal splash damage. 275 Mediocre Shoots tons of stronger melons all over the screen. Complete Sloped Dimension - Day 14
Marigold2 Marigold Marigolds are supportive plants that create coins. 75 Fast Creates 10 silver coins and heals any damage it has taken. Complete Sloped Dimension - Branched Path 1
Twin Sunflower2 Twin Sunflower Twin Sunflowers are like Sunflowers, but with twice the sun output! 150 Mediocre Creates 400 sun. Complete Sloped Dimension - Branched Path 3

Plant Tier List

A tier list exists for plants, where they are ranked from one of the following tiers: SS, S, A+, A, B, C, D, and F.

Tier Plants
SS Cherry BombLawn2
S Wall-nut2Bonk Choy2
A+ Melon-pult2
A Sunflower2Frisbee2Iceberg LettuceLawn2
B Twin Sunflower2
C Kernel-pult2Melon Slice PitcherAS
D Peashooter2Potato Mine2Cabbage-pult2Spikeweed2Chomper2
F Marigold2


For more in-depth information, check each zombie's individual page by clicking on their name.




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