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Garden Warfare II
PvZGW2 logo
English logo
Developer(s) Existence Software,
PopCap Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) Xbox One,
PlayStation 4,
Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) Tower Defence,
Release Date(s)
Q4 2016
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Media Included DVD disc,
Blu-Ray disc

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare II is the sequel to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One game, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Similar to the original, it features a zombies vs. plants plot heavily based around the Garden Ops mode. The sequel adds a campaign mode, describing how the plants and zombies came to be, as well as new multiplayer modes and classes. Three new modes will also be introduced, one based around go-karting ("Lawnmower Dash"), one based around getting points by building gardens/graveyards ("Tower Commission") and a mode similar to Team Vanquish, but giving players only a limited number of lives ("Vanquish Master").



Playable Characters


Plants vs Zombies - Peashooter
The most basic of the plants, the Peashooter uses a pea cannon, and can use the "Chili Bean Bomb", "Hyper" and "Gatling Pea" abilities upon levelling up. His secondary attack is the Umbrella Leaf, which he shoots forward to do more damage, but at the cost of longer reload times.
Plants vs Zombies - Sunflower
The plant team's healer, the Sunflower shoots Sun Pulses, and can use "Heal Beam", "Sunbeam" and "Heal Flower" abilities upon levelling up. Her secondary attack is the Sun Shot, that will light zombies on fire when hit. As it does little damage, the Sun Shot has unlimited ammo, though can overheat if used for a long duration of time.
The plant team's melee expert, the Chomper is able to bite enemies and swallow others from behind. He can use "Burrow", "Goop" and "Spikeweed" abilities upon levelling up. The Chomper's secondary attack is a simple Headbutt, which knocks zombies and deals larger amount of damage.
Plants vs Zombies - Cactus
The plant team's sniper, the Cactus shoots Spike Shots, and can use "Potato Mine", "Tall-nut Battlement" and "Garlic Drone" upon levelling up. His secondary attack is a Spike Arm, which is a melee attack that does a sufficiently high amount of damage.
Plants vs Zombies - Shroom
The team's assault master, the Shroom attacks using a psychic mind beam, that can be changed to do various effects. It can use the "Sleeper Beam", "Shock Bomb" and "Poison Dart" abilities upon levelling up. It's secondary attack is a psyshock-like attack, that does radial damage.
Plants vs Zombies - Cattail
The most agile of all the plants, the Cattail attacks by shooting poison darts at enemies, and can use "Acrobatics", "Blover Blast" and "Imitater" abilities upon levelling up. It's secondary attack is a melee attack, where it uses it's tail as a sword.
Plants vs Zombies - Rose
Plants vs Zombies - Kernel Corn
Kernel Corn
Plants vs Zombies - Citron


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Foot Soldier
Foot Soldier
The most basic of the zombies, the Foot Soldier uses a Z-1 Assault Blaster in combat. His abilities include "Zombie Stink Cloud", "Rocket Jump" and "ZPG", which he unlocks upon levelling up. His secondary weapon is a Z-94 Combat Shotgun, which works similar to the Peashooter's Umbrella Leaf attack.
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Engineer
The team's mechanic, and the only zombie capable of building Zombot Sentries and teleporters. Serving as the zombie equivalent to the plants' cactus, the Engineer uses a Concrete Launcher to attack, which shoots large cylinders of dried concrete at plants. Upon levelling up, the Engineer is able to use the "Zombot Drone", "Sonic Grenade" and "Jackhammer" abilities. His secondary weapon is a modified weed whacker known as the Z0M-B Assault Stick.
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Scientist
The zombie healer, and the creator of many of the weapons that the zombies use. His primary weapon is the Goo Blaster, which is essentially a shotgun. Upon levelling up, the Scientist is able to use the "Warp", "Zombie Healing Station" and "Sticky Explody Ball" abilites. The Scientist's secondary is a long-ranged grenade launcher called the "Explody Ball Launcher".
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - All-Star
The zombies' juggernaut, the All-Star has a large amount of health, and uses a Football Cannon to attack, which will overheat if shot for too long. His abilities include "Football Dash", "Tackle Dummies" and "Exploding Imp Zombie". It's secondary weapon is a "Toot Blaster", which shoots whistles at people, and acts like a weaker version of the Engineer's Sonic Grenade, with the added fact that it hurts plants.
Plants vs Zombies - Pole Vaulter
Pole Vaulter
The zombies' hand-to-hand combatant, the Pole Vaulter uses a pole vault as a spear to attack. His abilites include "Dart Rocket", "Pole Jump" and "Super Speed" abilities upon levelling up. It's secondary weapon is a simple slingshot that shoots exploding baseballs.
Plants vs Zombies - Kung-Fu Master
Kung-Fu Master
The most agile of the zombies, the Kung-Fu Master can fire blasts of chi that do a lot of damage, but must be charged up. It can use the "Psycho Kick", "Strength Potion" and "Trash Shield" abilities upon levelling up. It's secondary weapon is a quick kung-fu punch.
Plants vs Zombies - Pirate Captain
Pirate Captain
Plants vs Zombies - Super Brainz
Super Brainz
Plants vs Zombies - Imp & Z-Mech
Imp & Z-Mech


Existence Software
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