Plants vs. Zombies: Century's Gate
Developer(s) Popcap Games
Publisher(s) Popcap Games
Platform(s) PC, IoS, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Tower Defense
Series Plants vs. Zombies
Predecessor Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time!
Plants vs. Zombies: Century's Gate is the third game in the Plants vs. Zombies series. It's a collab between LunarScald (tbc) and TheFireDragoon (tbc). It was developed and published by Popcap Games. Unlike PvZ2, it returned to other consoles and is not F2P anymore, instead being $25.


In an alternate universe of PvZ2, Crazy Dave (and the player) have caused space and time to completely mess up. However, the player finds out that there is actually a hidden place called "The Century's Gate" which will reverse time up to the point where it will be fixed. However, it's located in the database - a hidden dimension full of tricks and turns at every corner. Grabbing Penny and Crazy Dave, the player sets off to reach the Database and find The Century's Gate - before the universe collapses on them. However, Zomboss wants them to fail and have the universe collapse on them, so he can create a new universe - one where everyone is a zombie and there are plenty of brains.


The gameplay is the same as all of the other Plants vs. Zombies games. You defend your lawn from waves of zombies, using various seed packets you find that require sun to plant. To get sun, you have to set down a sunflower and wait for it to produce sun (50 sun every 24 seconds). In addition to sunflowers, you can use several other plants (and special tiles) to get sun, with the amount obtained varying.

Using seed packets, you have to place down plants so they can fight against zombies. There are 3 different types of plants each reflecting on the background of their seed packet - Sunflowers are support, and their background is green. Peashooters are offense, and their background is red. Wall-nuts are defense, and their background is blue.

Plants can be upgraded using gems and coins. Upgrades will gradually change the appearance of the plant and give them bonuses. For example, if you upgraded a Peashooter it would begin to shoot out peas more often and have peas go faster. However, upgrading plants does not turn them into a new one. If you maxed out the upgrades for a Peashooter, it will not become a Repeater. 

The game features a map much like the previous one. You travel around a path, collecting plants and fighting zombies. Sometimes, you'll run into Brainbusters - special levels that are different. You'll also have some seperate paths locked until you beat the boss of the world. These seperate paths are much harder versions of the Brainbusters you've done in the world that will give special plants or gems to upgrade plants.

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