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Plants vs. Zombies 3D is an action-adventure 3D tower defense video game developed by PopCap and released for the PC in 2014. It is the third main title in the Plants Vs. Zombie series and introduces new things to the  series, along with bringing back many things; infact, it has almost every simgle plant from the first two games, bringing the total number of plants along with the new ones up to 90+ different plants. This, along with the other large amounts of content, increased positive critical reception.

The goal of the game is to travel level to level, collecting sun so that you can create Plants that will help you kill Zombies before they go across the screen. Various different plants can be used; some attack zombies, some give you more sun, some protect your plants, and some allow you to use different plants on different terrain. .


The game, as explained above, is an action-adventure 3D tower-defense game; thus, the goal is to place units, in this case Plants, to stop the Zombies. Each Plant costs a certain amount of Sun to place; at first Sun falls from the top of the screen, but then the player can place Sunflowers or other plants to increase the rate of Sun. After a Plant has been placed, even if you have enough Sun for another, you must wait for it to recharge before placing another of the same kind. This prevents someone placing larges amounts of cheap Plants quickly.

The playing field is typically split into various amounts of tiles, which create a row. Most Plants attack only Zombies on that row, and most Zombies only walk foward on their starting fow. However, certain types of Plants and Zombies can move or attack on rows other then their own. The Terrain of a level also effects the ground type; water, soft soil, rock, slanted grass, sand, ect. are all types of ground that require special things to build on. They also effect things like drilling time, zombie speed, ect.. Although they are called rows, some stages have groups of tiles that create rows with turns.

There are a lot of types of zombies. Some types take more hits to defeat then others, and some have special abilities. Although most attempt to get to the other side of the screen, gaining you a game over, some actually just sacrifice themselfs to help others get past; for example, the Miner Zombie goes all the way to the end of the screen before coming up and eating his way backwards. Some plants are made specifically to combat certain zombies, which is one of the reasons the gallery of zombies to be fought in that level is shown. Rarely, some zombies are large enough to take up multiple rows or columns.

Although at first the player has enough slots to contain all of his Plants, after he gets the Snow Pea (which is the seventh Plant), the player must begin choosing what plants to bring into the level. Plants that are not chosen cannot be placed during the level. If the player forgets to choose a plant that is required for the terrain in order to beat the level at all or will make it much harder to do so, he or she will be alerted and given the option to continue or rechoose plants. The player can gain more slots after completing certain events.

Special Items

As you travel through the game, you will often gain access to new items. Usually these can be gained by either completing a level and collecting it from the last fallen zombie or purchasing it from Crazy Dave's Traveling Tiddlywinkies, although some items may also be found other ways.

Money Bags

Any levels that have already been beaten will give you a money bag at the end. These contain varying amounts of money, depending on the difficulty of the level and the amount of lawn mowers used.


These can be collected by encountering and defeating the Yeti Zombie. It contains a random amount of coins, 2-5 gems, and a Treasure Key.

Treasure Key

Opening the Treasure Menu shows a grid of 20 treasure chests with a key hole on them. For each Treasure Key you obtain, you can open one Treasure Chest. These can contain a wide variety of items, and Treasure Keys may also be found from a large amount of activies.

Seed Packets

Each plant is obtained by finding it's Seed Packet. Finding one allows the player to use it in all levels. 

Packet Puzzle Piece

These can be found in Treasure Chests or they can be bought from the store. There are 8 special plants that can be obtained only be using 10 Puzzle Pieces on them; once all packets have been obtained this way, Puzzle Pieces are no longer found, and the Imitater is unlocked.


These can be found my progressing through the adventure or purchasing them. These carry over into singular levels released, but not across multiple campaigns.

Seed Slots

Each Seed Slot found allows the player to pick an additional plant type in each level.

Plant Food Slot

Allows the player to colled another piece of Plant Food during a level.

Instant Mower Active Deployation (I.M.A.D.)

Allows the player to instantly deploy a lawnmower without a zombie touching it.

Plant Food Charge

Allows the player to drag a piece of Plant Food over a seed packet to instantly recharge it.

Aqua Mowers

Allows mowers to travel across water; otherwise, they will stop as soon as they hit it.

Healing Vision

Allows the player to toggle on and off the ability to see the health of plants.

Wall-Nut First Aid

Allows the player to plant a plant over a damaged one of the same type to instantly heal it.

Terrain Types

Level Types

These categories detirmine what special rules apply across the entire level, and in story mode, also usually feature a certain Tile Type as well, although this is not required for Custom Courses.

  • Grassy Plains: The basic type of terrain. Sun falls from the sky at intervals of once every 10 seconds.
  • ​Stream: Similar to the Grassy Plains, but contains various water tiles. Tends to contain various zombies that have to do specifically with water.
  • Forest: Sun no longer falls from the sky, and Mushrooms gain a boost.
  • Desert: Rather than Sun, Water instead appears. It can only be collected by using certain plants. Plants in the Cactus category require less Water here, with some being completely free. Sun Producing plants are useless here.
  • Grassy Hills: Follows the rules of the Grassy Plains, but tends to feature slanted tiles.

Tile Types

These are tile types, which are usable in levels. Each have special characteristics and a level can potentionally contain any tile regardless of it's overall level type.

  • Dark Forest: Like the forest, but the level is so dark that you can only see within three tiles of your plants. Outlines of the tiles are always visible, however.
  • Uphill: Some tiles here are slanted; any projectiles that hit them will be destroyed, and plants that are planted on them will only shoot straight foward, hitting only tall zombies. Thus, plants that do not shoot foward are much more helpful. Rolling plants also function better downhill but worse uphill.



Plant Image Description Unlocked Plant Food Upgrade Sun cost Recharge
Player's House
Sunflower File:PVZIAT Sunflower.png Sunflowers are essential for you to produce extra sun. Try planting as many as you can! After beating Player's House - Day 1 Produces 150 sun. 50 sun Fast
Peashooter File:PVZIAT Peashooter.png Peashooters are your first line of defense. They shoot peas at attacking zombies. Available at the beginning of the game Turns it into a fast-shooting Gatling Pea shooting 60 peas for three seconds. 100 sun Fast
Wall-nut File:PVZIAT Wallnut.png Wall-nuts have hard shells which you can use to protect other plants. After beating Player's House - Day 2 Gives it a hard armor shell for extra strength. 50 sun Sluggish
Potato Mine File:PZIAT Potatomine.png Potato Mines explode on contact, but they take time to arm itself. Plant them ahead of zombies. After beating Player's House - Day 3 Instant arms itself and sets 2 armed potato mines on random places. 25 sun Sluggish
Ancient Egypt
Bloomerang File:Bloomerang2.png Bloomerangs can hit up to three targets in their lane, twice! After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 3 Shoots ten boomerangs up, down, left and right. 175 sun Fast
Cabbage-pult File:PVZIAT Cabbagepult.png Cabbage-pults hurl cabbages at the enemy. After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 2 Launches several cabbages at once, hitting every zombie onscreen. 100 sun Fast
Iceberg Lettuce Iceberg Lettuce2 Iceberg Lettuces freeze a zombie when stepped on. After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 5 Freezes every zombie on screen similar to the Ice-shroom from Plants vs. Zombies. 0 sun Sluggish
Grave Buster File:PVZIAT Grave Buster.PNG Grave Busters consume graves they're planted on. After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 9 N/A 0 sun Mediocre
Twin Sunflower File:PVZIAT Twin Sunflower.PNG Twin Sunflowers give twice as much sun as a normal sunflower. After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 24 Produces 250 sun. 125 sun Mediocre
Bonk Choy Bonk Choy2 Bonk Choys rapidly punch nearby enemies that are ahead or behind them. After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 13 Punches zombies around it in a small area at a high rate. 150 sun Fast
Repeater File:PVZIAT Repeater.PNG Repeaters fire two peas at one time. After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 19 Shoots 90 peas, then shoots a larger pea that does 30 normal damage shots. 200 sun Fast
Pirate Seas
Kernel-pult File:PVZIAT Kernel-pult-1-.png Kernel-pults flings corn kernels and butter at zombies. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 1 Fires butter at every zombie on the lawn. 100 sun Fast
Snapdragon Snapdragon2 Snapdragons breathe fire that causes damage in 6 adjacent tiles. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 3 Snapdragon floats and get wings then it breaths sets fire in 3x3 area in front of it dealing massive damage. 150 sun Fast
Spikeweed File:PVZIAT Spikeweed.png Spikeweeds destroy rolling objects and hurt any zombies that step on them. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 6 Creates temporary spikes going throughout the whole lane, and brings all zombies in that lane directly on top of it, damaging them in the process. 100 sun Fast
Coconut Cannon File:Coconut Cannon2.png Coconut Cannons fire down a single lane, causing a medium explosion on impact. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 11 Fires one big Coconut that pushes all zombies to the rightmost of the screen and then explodes. The Coconut immediately explodes if it hits a tombstone. 400 sun Fast
Cherry Bomb File:PVZIAT Cherry Bomb.png Cherry Bombs can blow up all zombies in an area. They have a short fuse so plant them near zombies. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 24 N/A 150 sun Slow
Spring Bean File:Spring Bean2.png Spring Beans bounce back zombies that get too close. Will bounce them into water if nearby. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 9 Bounces all zombies to nearby water or backwards. 50 sun Sluggish
Spikerock File:PVZIAT Spikerock.png Spikerocks destroy multiple rolling zombies and damage zombies that walk over it. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 18 Creates secondary spikes in the row and draws all zombies in the row on to it. 250 sun Fast
Threepeater File:PVZIAT Threepeater.png Threepeaters shoot peas in three lanes. After beating Pirate Seas - Day 14 Shoots a widespread volley of peas in front of it. 300 sun Fast
Wild West
Split Pea File:SplitPea2.png Split Peas shoot peas forward and backwards. After beating Wild West - Day 1 Turns to Gatling Pea. forward like Peashooter and backwards like Repeater but without helmets. 125 sun Fast
Chili Bean File:Chili Bean2.png Chili Beans deliver a crippling bout of gastrointestinal distress. After beating Wild West - Day 4 Launches 3 extra beans in random places. 50 sun Sluggish
Lightning Reed File:Lightning Reed2.png Lightning Reeds shoot lightning at nearest zombie up to one lane away. The bolt will then arc and hit other zombies. After beating Wild West - Day 9 Makes a storm cloud that strikes lightning at the zombies. 125 sun Fast
Tall-nut File:Tall-nut22.png Tall-nuts are heavy-duty wall plants that block low flying zombies. After beating Wild West - Day 18 Gives it a hard armor for extra strength like Wall-nut. 125 sun Sluggish
Pea Pod File:Pea Pod2.png Pea Pods can be planted in the same space for up to 5 times the destruction. After beating Wild West - Day 6 Turns into a giant Peashooter that shoots 5 giant peas. Can instantly kill Poncho Zombie when he has poncho (before 2.4.1 update). 125 sun Fast
Melon-pult File:Melon-pult 2.png Melon-pults do heavy damage to groups of zombies. After beating Wild West - Day 12 Launches melons out from the top that does twice the damage of normal melons. 325 sun Fast
Winter Melon File:WinterMelon2.png Winter Melons do heavy damage and slow groups of zombies. After beating Wild West - Day 24 Same as Melon-pult with added slowing effect. 500 sun Fast
Far Future
Laser Bean File:Laser Bean2.png Laser Beans fire down a lane, hitting all zombies ahead of it. After beating Far Future - Day 1 Shoots a laser from its mouth that fire down everything in front of it. 200 sun Fast
Blover File:PVZIAT Blover.png Blovers blow away all zombies in the air. After beating Far Future - Day 3 N/A 50 sun Fast
Citron File:Citron2.png Citrons shoot powerful balls of plasma. After beating Far Future - Day 6 Lighting strikes Citron and it shoots a giant plasma ball that sends every zombie away and instantly kills machines and Gargantuars. 350 sun Fast
E.M.Peach File:E.M.Peach2.png E.M.Peaches explode and disable all machines in an area. After beating Far Future - Day 9 N/A 25 sun Sluggish
Infi-nut File:Infi-nut2.png Infi-nuts are weaker than Wall-nuts, but they can regain health over time. After beating Far Future - Day 13 Restores health and creates a force field. 75 sun Mediocre
Magnifying Grass File:Magnifying Grass2.png Magnifying Grass turns sun into a focused beam of damage. After beating Far Future - Day 17 Shoots powerful rainbow at the zombies in any lanes. This effect lasts longer if there are any Sun-producing plants nearby. 50 sun Fast
Tile Turnip File:Tile Turnip2.png Tile Turnips create a Power Tile on planting. After beating Far Future - Day 24 N/A 0 sun (increases to 250 after first planting, and doubles every subsequent planting) Mediocre
Dark Ages
Sun-shroom File:PVZIAT Sun-shroom.png Sun-shrooms give small sun at first, then normal suns, and finally large suns. After beating Dark Ages - Night 1 Grows to maximum size and produces 225 sun. 25 sun Fast
Puff-shroom File:PVZIAT Puff-shroom.png Puff-shrooms are short-range shooters that last for a limited time. After beating Dark Ages - Night 2 All Puff-shrooms shoot 30 spores rapidly and will have their timers reset. 0 sun Fast
Fume-shroom File:PVZIAT Fume-shroom.png Fume-shrooms shoot fumes that damage all zombies in an area. After beating Dark Ages - Night 4 Shoots fumes throughout the row that push all zombies in front of it back to the first column. 125 sun Fast
Sun Bean File:Sun Bean2.png Sun Beans infect zombies with sun. As a zombie takes damage they generate sun. After beating Dark Ages - Night 6 The zombie that eats it is defeated and releases 15 sun for each Normal Damage Shot (equivalent to one pea) it had left. 50 sun Sluggish 
Magnet-shroom File:PVZIAT Magnet shroom.png Magnet-shrooms remove helmets and other metal objects from zombies. After beating Dark Ages - Night 15 Attracts all metallic objects within range and throws them back at the zombies, causing damage. 100 sun Mediocre
Marigold File:Marigold PvZ2.png Marigolds give you rewards in Zen Garden. Only in Zen Garden 0 sun 0 sun 0 sun
Fire Gourd File:Fire Gourd2.png Fire Gourd breathes fires that deals moderate damage. Unfortunately, this attack is short-ranged.Fire Gourd sleeps after being tapped on. It requires 10 Fire Gourd Puzzle Pieces to unlock Upon using a Plant Food, the Fire Gourd will breathe fire at all squares in front of it. 200 sun Fast
Heavenly Peach File:Heavenly Peach2.png Heavenly Peach heals other plants that surrounds it. It requires 10 Peach Puzzle Pieces to unlock. Heavenly Peach will make all plants surrounding it temporarily invulnerable. 125 sun Fast
Snow Pea File:PVZIAT Snowpea.png Snow Peas fire frozen peas making it hard for zombies to advance. $3.99 Slows down all the zombies in front of it by creating an ice path, then fires 60 frozen peas rapidly. 150 sun Fast
Power Lily File:Power Lily2.png Power Lilies create one Plant Food out of thin air. $2.99 N/A 175 sun Very Slow
Squash File:PVZIAT Squash.png Squashes will smash the first zombie that gets close. $2.99 Squashes two random zombies from where it was planted. 50 sun Sluggish
Torchwood File:PVZIAT Torchwood.png Torchwoods turn peas that pass through them into fireballs that deal twice as much damage. $3.99 The fire peas become napalm peas and do three times the damage. 175 sun Fast
Jalapeno File:PVZIAT Jalapeno.png Jalapenos destroy an entire lane of zombies. $2.99 N/A 125 sun Slow
Imitater File:PVZIAT Imitater.png Imitaters let you use two of the same plant during a level! $2.99 Same as the Imitated Plant. As the imitated plant Same as the imitated plant
Starfruit File:Starfruit PvZ22.png Starfruits shoot stars in 5 directions. $3.99 Shoots big stars rapidly in five directions. 150 sun Fast
Hypno-shroom File:PVZIAT Hypno-shroom.png When zombies eat Hypno-shrooms, they will turn around and fight for you. $3.99 The zombie that eats it turns into a Gargantuar. 125 sun Sluggish
Pea-nut File:Pea-nut2.png Pea-nuts can shoot peas and block zombies. $2.99 Fire 60 peas and gives it a hard helmet for extra strength. 150 sun Mediocre