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After you got tired of Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time, this happened! Travel across lands full of weird plants and wacky zombies as you try to recover Crazy Dave's time machine thing: Penny! Don't worry though, as there are only 10.1+ Levels!


The game is pretty simple:

  1. Sun falls from the sky.
  2. You pick up the sun.
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 until you can buy plants.
  4. Click on the seed packet of that plant.
  5. Drag it to the spot you want to plant it.
  6. Release.
  7. Don't let the zombies eat your plants.
  8. Repeat 1 through 7 until you win.
  9. Be happy.

But then of course there are DIFFERENT types of plants. The most commonly used ones are the Shooters (Self-Explanitory), the Producers (creates sun), and the Instants. (The second you place that plant, it usually explodes) But then yet there are the Defensers (They have LOADS of health), Enhancers (usually buffs up Shooters), and the Supportives. (You need them to plants others on certain terrain)


These are the things that you place to keep zombies away from your house.

Plants vs Zombies - Peashooter
Peashooter Your first line of defense. This plant shoots peas that damage zombies. 100 Sun Player's House: Day 1
Plants vs Zombies - Sunflower
Sunflower This plant produces extra sun from time to time. 50 Sun Player's House: Day 2
Wall-nut This plant has loads of health but does nothing but stand there. 50 Sun Player's House: Day 3
Potato Mine This plant explodes when stepped on by a zombies, but it takes time to arm. 25 Sun Player's House: Day 5
Squash This plant will instantly kill a zombie, but will disappear right after. 75 Sun Player's House: Day 8
Kernel-Pult This plant will lob corn and sometimes butter that stuns zombies. 125 Sun Player's House: Day 11
Bloomerang This plant will throw boomerangs that can hit up to three targets twice. 175 Sun Player's House: Day 14
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb This plant can (and will) blow up zombies in a 3-by-3 area. 125 Sun Tropical Apocolypse: Day 2
Repeater This plant is just like the peashooter, but shoots twice as fast. 200 Sun Tropical Apocolypse: Day 5
Bonk Choy This plant constantly punches zombies in front and in back of it. 150 Sun Tropical Apocolypse: Day 7
Frisbee This plant is like the Bloomerang, but hits only 2 zombies in it's lane rather than 3. 125 Sun Tropical Apocolypse: Day 10
Twin Sunflower
Twin Sunflower This plant produces more sun than the average sunflower. 125 Sun Tropical Apocolypse: Day 13
Iceberg Lettuce This plant freezes any zombies that steps on it, and puts out flames, too. 25 Sun Ice Age: Day 2
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden This plant is basically a Wall-Nut armor on. 75 Sun Ice Age: Day 4
Droplet Shooter
Droplet Shooter This plant is a Peashooter that shoots water peas. Water peas can go through but still damage zombies. 150 Sun Ice Age: Day 6
Jalapeno This plant insta-kills all zombies in a single lane. 150 Sun Ice Age: Day 9
Pistachio This plant shoots normal pistachios in the lane above it and the lane below it. 225 Sun Ice Age: Day 12
Real snow pea
Snow Pea This plant is a Peashooter that slows down zombies with snow peas. 175 Sun Ice Age: Day 15
Chomper This plant can swallow zombies whole, but takes time to chew before it can eat again. 150 Sun Land o' Trees: Day 3
Coconut Cannon
Coconut Cannon If you click/tap this plant, it will fire a cannonball. But it takes time to recharge. 400 Sun Land o' Trees: Day 5
Triple Sunflower
Triplet Sunflower This plant produces more sun than the Twin Sunflower. 200 Sun Land o' Trees: Day 7
Starfruit This plant shoots stars in 5 directions. 175 Sun Land o' Trees: Day 10
Threepeater This plant shoots peas in 3 lanes. 325 Sun Land o' Trees: Day 12
Torchwood This plant can turn any peas that pass over it into fire peas. 150 Sun Land o' Trees: Day 14
Chili Bean If a zombies devours this plant, the zombie will let out poisonous gas that kills him and zombies behind him. 75 Sun The Great Wall: Day 2
Cabbage Pult
Cabbage-Pult This plant acts just like a peashooter but can lob his cabbages over walls. 100 Sun The Great Wall: Day 5
Grave Buster This plant can destroy graves with one of it. But three of it can destroy a wall. 50 Sun The Great Wall: Day 7
Acorn This plant can lob acorns that keep bouncing on the target and the zombies adjacent until it can't. 425 Sun The Great Wall: Day 9
Melon-Pult This plant can lob melons that do splash damage. 325 Sun The Great Wall: Day 12
Boxer Hazelnut This plant acts like a fast Bonk Choy, but can act as a squash before it dies. 225 Sun The Great Wall: Day 15
Radioactive Pot This plant is able to live on slime tiles and other plants can be planted on it. 25 Sun Area 52: Day 1
Plasma Pea
Plasma Pea This plant shoots peas at a very fast speed, but will die on slime. 300 Sun Area 52: Day 3
Sponge-Nut This plant acts just like a wall-nut but can soak up slime and water around it. 125 Sun Area 52: Day 5
Spikeweed This plant damages zombies that step on it and can destroy one machine. 100 Sun Area 52: Day 7
Canta-pult This plant can lob cantalope that does splash damage. The cantalope also has a 10% Chance to stun zombies. 400 Sun Area 52: Day 10
Tall-nut This plant blocks flying zombies and jumping zombies. This plant also has more health than the Iron Maiden. 125 Sun Area 52: Day 14
White Radish This plant acts like a Wall-nut and a Bonk Choy combined. 200 Sun Prehistoric Ages: Day 2
Split Pea This plant has a peashooter for the front and a repeater on the back to kill zombies behind it. 125 Sun Prehistoric Ages: Day 5
Plants vs Zombies - Cactus
Cactus This plant acts like a peashooter. If a flying or floating zombie comes down it's lane, it can damage it and can even destroy it's equipment. 150 Sun Prehistoric Ages: Day 7
Bamboo Shoot
Bamboo Shoot This plant drills underground and pops up under zombies for massive damage. 175 Sun Prehistoric Ages: Day 9
Snap Dragon This plant can breath fire in the in front, above, and below of it. 150 Sun Prehistoric Ages: Day 11
Spikerock This plant acts like a spikeweed, but does more damage and can destroy 3 machines. 250 Sun Prehistoric Ages: Day 15
Puff-Shroom This plant shoots low-distance spores and eventually disapears. 0 Sun Midnight Greenlight: Night 1
Sun-Shroom This plant creates little sun, but eventually grows to make bigger sun. 25 Sun Midnight Greenlight: Night 2
Fume-Shroom This plant makes poisonous fumes that go through walls, graves, and zombies. 75 Sun Midnight Greenlight: Night 4
Goop-Shroom This plant makes poisonous goop that hurts zombies that step on it. 100 Sun Midnight Greenlight: Night 6
Re-Shroomer This plant is basically a Repeater Puff-shroom. 50 Sun Midnight Greenlight: Night 9
Hypno Shroom
Hypno-Shroom This plant Hypnotizes zombies that eat it, and makes that zombie eat other zombies. 75 Sun Midnight Greenlight: Day 11
Ice-Shroom This plant freezes all zombies for a limited time. (This plant also kills all imps.) 100 Sun Midnight Greenlight: Day 13


These are the things that try to EAT YOUR PLANTS BRAINS!

Zombie Regular Zombie is very regular, as he walks at an average speed and has close to no health! 10 Player's House: Day 1
Flag Zombie One of this zombie will always appear when a 'Final Wave' happens. 10 Player's House: Day 1
Conehead Zombie One day a Regular Zombie found a cone, he put the cone on his head, then BAM he had more health. 28 Player's House: Day 2
Buckethead Zombie Buckethead Zombie loves his bucket because it improves his defense by a bunch! 40 Player's House: Day 4
Pole-Vaulting Zombie Once a Regular Zombie wanted to join the Olympics because he could jump over one plant, they said no, he ate their brains. 15 Player's House: Day 5
Newspaper Zombie This guy can RUN if you don't let him finish his Sudoku puzzle. 20 Player's House: Day 7
Lawn-Mower Zombie Even though this zombie is mowing your lawn for you, he can't help but run over your plants VERY SLOWLY to nibble on your brains. 60 Player's House: Day 10
Dr. Zomboss (First Encounter) Right now, Dr. Zomboss is nothing more than a strong, Imp Throwing, zombie. 100 Player's House: Day 15 ONLY
Imp A very little zombie with little health, but fast speed. 5 Player's House: Day 15 ONLY
Hula-Zombie A Regular Zombie, but with a TWIST! 10 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 1
Flag Hula Just like a Flag Zombie, but the flag is yellow and contains a coconut instead. 10 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 1
Conehead Hula A Conehead Zombie, except the cone is blue and it has a shell on the cone too. 28 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 1
Buckethead Hula A Buckethead Zombie, except the bucket is a coconut. 40 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 2
Coconut Zombie This zombie loves coconuts, so sometimes he will block attacks with them! 15 (When not using coconut) Tropical Apocolypse: Day 3
Shovel Zombie This zombie can dig underground, which can reveal Sand-pile Zombies! 20 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 5
Sand-pile Zombie This zombie is created by the Shovel Zombie, and acts just like a Regular Zombie. 7 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 5
Tribal Zombie This zombie can absorb sun if it's not killed fast enough. 15 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 8
Coconut Conehead This zombie works just like a Coconut Zombie and a Conehead Zombie. 28 (When not using coconut) Tropical Apocolypse: Day 10
Tribal Gargantuar This zombie is best friends with his hammer. His hammer can instantly smash any plant it comes intact with. It can also throw an imp at half-health. 80 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 13
Hula Imp This imp is like a normal imp, but faster. 5 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 13
Palm-Borg This giant robot zombie can summon Hula Zombies, Conehead Hulas, Buckethead Hulas, and Coconut zombies with ease, he can also drop an INDESTRUCTABLE tree on a plant if you are no doubt going to win. 200 Tropical Apocolypse: Day 15 ONLY
Eskimo Zombie A Regular Zombie, but with a green cozy coat. 10 Ice Age: Day 1
Flag Eskimo This Eskimo Zombie has a blue flag with a Yeti face. 10 Ice Age: Day 1
Conehead Eskimo This Eskimo Zombie has an ice-cone on his head. 28 Ice Age: Day 1
Buckethead Eskimo This Eskimo Zombie has an ice-bucket on his head. 40 Ice Age: Day 2
Sled Zombie This zombie has a sled that allows him to travel really fast. 20 Ice Age: Day 5
Double-Coat Zombie This zombie has two coats, which means water peas don't go through him, and he CAN'T be slowed. 30 Ice Age: Day 9
Bobsled Zombie These zombies come in groups of four, but act just like 4 sled zombies on 1 bobsled. 60 (15 each) Ice Age: Day 11
Yeti Gargantuar This gargantuar throws yeti imps instead of normal imps. 80 Ice Age: Day 13
Yeti Imp Any plant this imp nibbles on acts slower than usual. 5 Ice Age: Day 13
The Yeti This fast zombie can throw plant-snowing snowballs, and can also summon Sled Zombies, Bobsled Zombies, and Yeti Imps when he needs. 220 Ice Age: Day 15 ONLY


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