The Plantlings are Petey Piranha's 7 children. They all have distinct appearances and abilities, though they all look like their father. They are all the same size and they are twice as small as their father.

The Plantlings

From oldest to youngest.

  • Alison Piranha
  • Bruce Piranha
  • Edward Piranha
  • Jack Piranha
  • Len Piranha
  • Oliver Piranha
  • Paul Piranha


Alison is the only female Plantling as well as the oldest. She is also the most responsible and cares about her family more than anything. She has the power to manipulate vegetation at will.


Bruce is the second oldest. He acts like a jerk most of the time and is quite arrogant and rude. He is extremely powerful and very athletic as hinted by his muscles.


Edward is the 3rd oldest. Not much of his personality is known although it is revealed that he is gothic and prefers to be alone most of the time. He never talks either, but he still likes his family. He has the ability to turn invisible and shoot black liquid from his hands.


Jack is the fourth oldest. He has a small fireball growing inside his throat and as such, can breath fire. He is very friendly and always cheerful, unlike Edward.


Len is the 5th oldest and is a very big glutton. He is the largest of the Plantlings and uses his weight to his advantage in battle. His personality is like that of Jack's, except he eats more than interacts with his family.


Oliver is the 2nd youngest and is very shy. He doesn't talk much and is usually looked after by Alison. He lost his right arm when he was younger and is usually depressed. He is a very experienced surfer and has the power to manipulate water.


Paul is the youngest and also described as the oddest of the Plantlings. His left arm is blue and his right arm is red. He also has a strange personality and likes many odd things. He can also use unusual items at his disposal for fighting.