This game was adopted or created by Vanty Inc. Please do not edit without permission.

Planet Chow (プラネット·チャオ in Japan) is a game in development by Vanty Inc. and takes place on Planet Chao. The game works in the same ways as the original Chao Gardens.






Big the Cat

E-102 Gamma

Metal Sonic




Chao Stadium


Chao Karate
Chao Racing
Chao Movies

Chao Gardens

Chao Island - A chao garden based off the standard chao garden in Sonic Adventure 2

Chao Heaven - A chao garden based off the dark garden

Chao Underworld - A chao garden based off the Hero Garden

Station Square - A chao garden based off Station Square

Mystic Ruins - A choa garden based off the Mystic Ruins

Egg Carrier - A chao garden based off the Egg Carrier

Main Street

Chao School - Where the chao can learn to do things from drawing to singing.

The Fortune Tent - Where you can learn how lucky (the overall stats) a chao is or you could name your chao.

The Hospital - Where you can see the basic things like whether a chao is sick to what food they like.

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