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Planet Bitrix is a planet in the D Galaxy. It is much like earth, but has much more ocean and the land masses, though there are only 3, are massive. It is ruled by Zkar.


As mentioned before, it is the home to Zkar, as he is ruler. It is also home to J, the monster scorpion. Sulcree, the wizard. And the Bitrix Army. It also houses many strange creatures and the dominant species are human-like creatures known as Bits.

Land Masses

Bitrix is composed of an ocean and 3 islands. The islands are Vi, which houses most of the planet's population. Edof, which houses the planet's creatures and is connected to Vi. And Mago, the private island of Zkar, J, Sulcree, and the Bitrix Army.

Planet Bitrix

Planet Bitrix.

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