One week before Princess Peach's birthday, Mario and Luigi were trying to figure out a way to surprise her. They just couldn't think of anything!

  • Mario - No! That-a won't be-a surprise Luigi!
  • Luigi - I guess-a your-a right Mario.
  • Toad - Does it have to be a surprise! You could just invite a bunch of people over to your house for pie or...
  • Mario - SPAGHETTI!
  • Mario - And MEATBALLS!
  • Luigi - WITH pasta!
  • Toad - BLA! You know the princess doesn't eat that stuff!
  • Mario - Mama Mia! Your right.
  • Luigi - Any ideas?
  • Mario & Luigi - Hmm...
  • Luigi - CAKE!
  • Toad - Now your talkin'!
  • Mario - With PIZZA!
  • Toad - NOOOOO!...Wait. Your right! She loves pizza!
  • Luigi - But-a Mario, who will-a we invite?
  • Mario - Hmm...EVERYONE!...No.
  • Toad - Well, just not Bowser.
  • Mario - NO! Remember the last-a time we didn't invite Bowser!



End of flashback.

  • Toad - FINE! WE'LL INVITE BOWSER! Tee hee...
  • Mario - Toooooad!
  • Toad - But one little trick can't hurt anything.
  • Mario - Well...he's-a gonna play-a trick on-a...GOOMBA!

Mario stomps the Goomba.

  • Luigi - I see what-a mean.
  • Toad - Okay, here's the plan.

Meanwhile, Bowser had got the invitation.

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