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Pixls are a fairy-like species of thinking tools originally used by the Tribe of Ancients, and thousands of years later, by Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, and Luigi. Each Pixl provides a specific ability to its user. The leader of the Pixls is Queen Pixl, who had telepathic powers and is now presumed dead.


The gallery following includes images of most of the Pixls used by the Heroes of Light in Super Paper Mario. It is possible that there are other Pixls as well. In a bribe, Mimi mentions a likely fake Pixl named Breadward, said to be made of oats and lard.


  • Kersti and Huey are theorized to be Pixls as well (alebit rendered with a different artstyle), due to their simplistic designs, small, oval eyes, tendencies to float, and the unique abilities they grant and purposes they serve. Kersti specifically is referred to as a "sticker fairy", similar to the original and Japanese designation of "Fairen" for other Pixls.
  • The beta ladder Pixl is thought to have allowed its user to Flip, an ability bestowed directly onto Mario in Super Paper Mario's final version. It is also possible that it was an early form of Carrie, due to the shared box-like design and whistle-like wing shape and placement.

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