Pixie's Adventure is a game for the Wii U and will be released in 2016.
Pixies adventure


One day a regular fox named Pixie was walking through the woods until she saw a weird blank figure. The figure started racing to her and it turned out the figure was really a shadowy version of her! The thing held her and ran off with her. She then placed her on a table and poured a potion on Pixie that made her go to sleep. She then poured another potion that was pure black and said Infected on it. Pixie then woke up and noticed she had thick wings and some kind of black liquid on her. She flew away to her home and flew straight up to the sky.The adventure then begins.


Pixie's Adventure plays exactly like a RPG. You adventure through different places and there is 9 worlds in total. The games level system is like a platform game, but the battles are like a RPG. You also get different Party Members along the way. There are 8 bosses in total and 2 optional bosses. You can also fly for a short time when you are playing as Pixie. There are also hidden diamonds scattered around each level.


1 Player Story- Play the regular story.

Time trials- try and beat a level as fast as you can!

Free play- Go around invincible in any level you want, to look around or to see where every thing is.

Online Play- Play online with up to 8 players!


Story- Play the regular story.

Online Play- Play online with up to 8 players!

Coin Rush- Try to collect as much coins as you can on 8 different courses!


Main Characters

Name Image Description
The first character you unlock in the game. Pixie's pretty simple, she is pretty balanced and really her only ability is to fly.
One of Pixie's best friends. He can run extremely fast and is super powerful, but he doesn't have good defense and jumps low.
A Great fighter. He'll do anything to save Pixie! He has excellent Health and Great attack and defense, but is horrible at Speed and Jumping.
Hedgehog LFD
Jac is a Hedgehog who, just met Pixie. He has Good jump and defense, but is slow and attacks terrible.

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