Pixello's appearance.

Pixello is an evil clone of Mario similar to Shadow MarioMetal Mario, and Cosmic Clone.

Physical Appearance

Pixello looks like an inverted Mario split into pixel-like bricks.


Pixello enjoys causing mayhem just for fun. He also likes hurting people, no matter who they are. He is the evillest when nearby Mario.


Pixello was created by Kamek accidentally when trying to clone Mario. However, what he did create was not loyal like he planned and as such attempted to destroy Bowser's Castle. He escaped from an angry Bowser and soon ran into Mario, who he attempted to kill but ended up destroying most of Peach's Castle instead. Mario defeated him by forcing him into a power line which over-powered him and, supposedly, killed him. However, he is later shown to have somehow survived.

Game Appearances

None so far.


  • His name comes from PIXEL and MARIO.
  • He is very similar to Venom in personality, the fact that he's eviller around his source of power, and his weakness.

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