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Pixel Chase is a game by and is for the Ribbito. It is unknown when it will be realeased.


The intro starts off with a boy named Chase Hayward looking out a window at some rain clouds. Chase says that this is a bummer and that he wanted to go to the library to get instructions for his Ribbito 3000. Chase sits on the couch and gets out his Ribbito 3000, and plays it. Then, his little brother Tanner comes and sits down too. Tanner states that he wants to watch Chase play. When Chase lets him do so, Tanner hands him his stuffed frog, Zumby. Chase thanks him and scrolls through the titles. Super Plumber men, Fourdris, Cooking Crazy, Exciteride, Animals in Space and Pixel Chase. Pixel Chase. Pixel Chase intrests him and he opens it. Doing so knocks Chase unconsious.

Chase wakes up and looks around. Every thing is pixlated,he was outside and two robots, a sign that said "Welcome to Chaseton" and a barrel are in front of him. One of the robots shoots the spike on its head. It misses him by inches. A big, Zumby like creature comes and says that he'll have to mind the Spikebots. Then she says that her name is Zelda. She throws the barrel at the spikebots and Tanner,a clone and Zumby (who is now a real living thing) pops out of the wreckage. Zelda then tells them how the Mad doctor and the King clone are turning gamers into enemys and bosses and that Chase and others need to deafeat. Zelda then hands Chase a sword and sends them off.

The four spot a greenhouse and wander in without even thinking, they wander in. They then find the fact that all the plants are living, angry things.


Pixel Chase has simple controls. Use the D-pad to move left and right, jump and crouch. Press the A button to attack with your sword, and B to pick up and/or throw and object.


Character Description Ability How to unlock

Chase is a silly kid who

wants to help the world of 13-bit.

He uses a sword to attack. He is deafult.

Chase's little brother joined the quest! He wants to take down the king clone.

Tanner focuses on his punches to attack.He is the strongest character in the game. Smash through the boulder in 1-2.

Zumby is a verdetripudio who wants to help Chase save the 13-bit world.

Zumby uses his mouth to attack. He has the highest jump in the game. He is deafult.
Clone Clone hates being a slave, so he decided to join Chase's team. Clone can kick and has a strong headbutt. The down side is that he cannot jump. Pass by him in 1-1.
Zelda Another verdetripudio joins the quest! Zelda has a strong slap and has the second highest jump.

Get the thanks,Zelda acheivment.

Randomfrog The third and final verdetripudio joins the group. Randomfrog can shake enimies till they disinigrate. Get the "peacemaker" acheivment.
Spikebot Clone's pal,Spikebot,joins the journey!

Spikebot can shoot spikes,like anyother spikebot.

Kill a 100 robots.

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