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Pit flies right in!
Universe Kid Icarus
First Game NES Kid Icarus
Recent Game 3DS Kid Icarus Uprising
Availability Starter
Home Stage Reset Bomb Forest

Pit is a character from Kid Icarus returning from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U in Super Smash Bros. Supernova. With a moveset similar to that of his appearance in the previous game, minor adjustments have been made


Normal Attacks

  • Neutral Attack- Triple slash, blade spin
  • Side Tilt- Blae thrust
  • Up Tilt- Handstand kick
  • Down Tilt- Blade sweep
  • Dash Attack- Forward slice

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial- Angelic spin
  • Forward Aerial- Blade spin
  • Backward Aerial- Back thrust
  • Up Aerial- Overhead spin
  • Down Aerial- Under slash

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash- Double Cut
    • Variation 2- Multi Spin
    • Variation 3- Power Cut
  • Up Smash- Triple Cut
    • Variation 2- Speed Cuts
    • Variation 3- Over Cut
  • Down Smash- Ankle Slicer
    • Variation 2- Twin Slicer
    • Variation 3- Bow Slam

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special- Palutena's Bow
    • Variation 2- Sagittarius Bow
    • Variation 3- Silver Bow
  • Side Special- Upperdash Arm
    • Variation 2- Taurus Arm
    • Variation 3- Electroshock Arm
  • Up Special- Power of Flight
    • Variation 2- Breezy Flight
    • Variation 3- Striking Flight
  • Down Special- Guardian Orbitars
    • Variation 2- JetStream Orbitars
    • Variation 3- Gemini Orbitars
  • Final Smash- Three Sacred Treasures
    • Variation 2- Great Sacred Treasure
    • Variation 3- Centurion Army

Pummel & Throws

  • Pummel- Knees the gut
  • Forward Throw- Forward slash
  • Backward Throw- Spin slam
  • Up Throw- Handstand kick
  • Down Throw- Bow Stab


  • Idle- Hops between his feet; rarely reattaches twin blades, before breaking them apart again
  • Taunt 1- Angelically floats in the air and looks up
  • Taunt 2- Powerfully punches the air in front of himself, calling "Prepare to meet the light!"
  • Taunt 3- Flaps his wings in the air for a moment, saying "My wish would be to fly by myself..."
  • Taunt 4- Pit looks up curiously, wondering aloud "Who is this 'Icarus' character?"
  • Ledge Attack- Sliding kick
  • Floor Attack- Spins very quickly while holding the blades out



  • Default - White robes
  • Red - Red robes
  • Blue - Blue robes
  • Yellow - Yellow robes
  • Green - Green robes
  • Orange - Orange robes
  • Purple - Purple robes
  • Stone - Turned to stone by Medusa

Alternate - Dark Pit

  • Default - Black and green robes, black wings and hair
  • Red - Dark red robes
  • Blue - Dark blue robes
  • Gold - Golden robes
  • Green - Dark green robes
  • Purple - Dark purple robes
  • Brown - Brown robes
  • Gray - Gray robes

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