SSB Kid Icarus Series
Universe Kid Icarus
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances SSBB/SSB4
Availability Starter
Final Smash Three Sacred Treasures

Pit (ピット, Pit) returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. V. Pit was revealed on February 1, 2019 along with the announcement of Kid Icarus: Eminence.

Pit is confirmed to have no alternate costume

Pit is once again voiced by Anthony Del Rio and Minami Takayama.

Changes from Smash 4


Like every other veteran, Pit now appears much more vibrant and his appearance is more based off his appearance in their games with a small realistic touch.


No changes.

Ground Attacks

No changes.

Aerial Attacks

No changes.

Grabs and Throws

No changes.

Special Moves

Pit’s Arrows’ range is now determined by how much the direction is altered. If fired straight, it has a pretty much infinite range.


Special Attacks

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Palutena's Bow 3.3-8.6% Pit shoots a bluish-white arrow that can be curved in any direction. Can be aimed to the sides and up while charging.
Alternate 1 Piercing Bow 5.1-11.7% Pit unleashes a bigger and stronger arrow that bypasses his rivals. This arrow is slower, has less range, and cannot be angled.
Alternate 2 Guiding Bow 2.1-6% Pit fires an arrow that stays onscreen longer, has greater range, and can be curved to the point of two complete circles, but is weaker.
Side Special Upperdash Arm 11% (ground), 9% (air) Pit brings out his Upperdash Arm and dashes forward, delivering a swift uppercut to anyone in his way. It also deflects projectiles at a roughly 45 degree angle.
Alternate 1 Interception Arm 13% (ground), 11% (air) Pit enters a defensive stance with the Upperdash Arm, countering opponents who attack him and/or get too close. No dash, but has higher knockback and speed in exchange.
Alternate 2 Quickdash Arm 9% (ground), 7% (air) Pit dashes quicker and further, but slides a bit when attacking and the uppercut itself is weaker.
Up Special Power of Flight Using Palutena's Power of Flight, Pit soars into the air. The flight's direction can be altered in any way except downwards.
Alternate 1 Striking Flight 9% (clean), 6% (late) Pit utilizes a more focused flight that inflicts damage at the start and ascent. Longer startup and less range.
Alternate 2 Breezy Flight A tornado envelops Pit as he takes off. The tornado pushes away foes in the opposite direction of the flight, and limits the range of it.
Down Special Guardian Orbitars 1.5x damage (reflected projectiles) Pit sends out his Guardian Orbitars which create twin energy shields that protect his front and back. These shields reflect projectiles with 50% more power and 70% more speed than they originally had. They also block melee attacks but can break with enough damage, requiring 10 seconds to regenerate. Additionally, they push back foes who touch it.
Alternate 1 Impact Orbitars 5% Pit attacks with Orbitars that have damaging shields which knock opponents back. In return, they don't reflect projectiles nor block physical strikes. This does mean, however, that they cannot break.
Alternate 2 Amplifying Orbitars 2x damage (reflected projectiles) Pit utilizes stronger Orbitars that have more fragile shields but power up reflected shots to double their strength and speed.
Final Smash Three Sacred Treasures 2% (arrows, energy blasts), 12% (charged shots), 15% (pillars) Pit equips the Three Sacred Treasures and unleashes a storm of arrows on his foes. He occasionally looses green homing shots in between volleys, as well as charged arrows with high knockback. Pit finishes the assault with powerful beams of light from the sky.

Animations and Misc.


SIDE - Swings his swords and says "That all you got?" (まだまだ!, Not over yet!)

UP - Spins his swords above his head and declares "Come on!" (勝負だ!, Battle!)

DOWN - Opens his wings and starts ascending.

Character Selection Screen Animation

Pit puts out a thumbs up while smiling.

On Screen Appearance

Appears onstage from a beam of light from the heavens.

Victory Animations

Strikes the V sign and says "Victory!"

Slashes his swords (which form his bow) and says, "It's game over for you!"

Slowly spins his bow in front of himself, then stops in his Brawl pose and says "That was easy!" or "What's up now!?"

Losing Animation

“Pit! Pit! This is it!”

Crowd Cheer


Victory Theme

This victory theme is a small excerpt of the title screen theme of Kid Icarus, with an original ending. After the release of Brawl, the track was remade for Kid Icarus: Uprising, used whenever a match in Together Mode is completed.

Fighting Stance

Retains his fighting stance from SSB4.

Idle Poses

Holds blades together as a bow, then pulls them apart

Taps his foot on the ground, then hops in place


Retains his walking animation from SSB4.


Retains his dashing animation from SSB4.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette Swap

Color Origin/Description
Locked First
Locked Second


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