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Pit, the warrior angel is ready for fight! He has changed his special moves to become better in ranged attacks and, with his glide, he will be a strong opponent! He is a flyer character and his main element is Light.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Palutena's Arrow. Pit shots a divine arrow which can be controlled and inflicts 6% of damage.

Side Special: Fireworks Cannon. Pit uses his cannon to shot a slow but powerful attack, which inflicts 18% of damage.

Up Special: Power of Flight. Pit jumps over using his Power of Flight (a present by Palutena). You can control the direction of Pit.

Down Special: Midnight Palm. Pit uses his palm to make a shield which reflects the attacks stronger (the damage of reflected attacks is damage x 1.2).

Final Smash: Three Sacred Treasures. Pit gets the Three Sacred Treasures and shots some different kinds of arrows. The arrows are 15 and the weakest ones (7) inflict 15% of damage, the medium ones (5) inflict 20% of damage, the strongest ones (3) inflict 35% of damage.

Special Ability: Gliding. Pit can glide.

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