Piranha sprout

Piranha Sprout is a strange type of Piranha Plant that lives in the jungle. Piranha Sprouts are the only type of Piranha Plant that have any sort of feet, bar Petey Piranha. Despite this, the only movements they make take the form of very small, indiscrete waddles towards whatever their prey is. They mainly like to prey on unsuspecting Yoshi, but they have a taste for Pokey too. Due to their name and appearance, they could be young Piranha Plants.


Pokey's Island

They appear as enemies in this game, however, they only appear in one level: World 6-4. This level is the Piranha Biodome, which is host to many types of Piranha Plants. They will mostly stand still when Pokey is around, but they tilt their lips to correspond to his current position. The sprouts are mainly situated in pits and the lower parts of the level. If a Sprout manages to trap Pokey in its mouth, it'll chew him thoroughly and then spit him out. Pokey will come out much smaller, and sans one of his segments. However, Pokey can't be defeated by a Piranha Sprout.

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