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Piranha Planter 2 is a 3-Dimensional RPG for the Wii Cube. It is the sequel to the game Piranha Planter in which you can customize your piranha, and train it to fight. These piranhas have thousands of appearance possibilities, as they can be bred and adapt to any habitat.

The Story

You play as a Pianta, Noki, Toad or Tanooki which you customize, and the player lives on Isle Delfino. The main antagonist, King Pokey, has taken over Isle Delfino, and only a small rebel group and their piranha plants have the power to take down the Pokey.

Areas and bosses

Area: Bianco Hills
Boss: Pokey Swarm
Area: Pianta Village
Boss: Corrupt Pianta
Area: Ricco Harbor
Boss: Il piantissimo
Area: Gelato Beach
Boss: Giant Pokey
Area: Pinna Park
Boss: Knife Clown
Area: Sirena Beach
Boss: King Boo
Area: Noki Bay
Boss: Corrupt Piranha
Area: Secret World
Boss: Corrupt Koopa
Area: Dry, Dry, Desert
Boss: King Pokey


The game is a 3d platformer, except in battle. Then, although the graphics are still 3d, it has the turn-based battle style of and RPG.


Talk to the Toad in the bell tower, and when asks you what the password is, say any of the following numbers:

  • 1426998 to get a spike seed
  • 4447751 to get a Crayzee Dayzee
  • 1298567 to get a Rainbow Vine


The Knife Clown's theme.

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