Piranha Pest is a type of Piranha Plant that is capable of flight. Much like their cousins the Piranha Sprouts, they are indigenous only to deep jungle areas. Piranha Pests are a somewhat annoying enemy in whatever games they appear in, relentlessly following the player and waiting to strike. If their prey gets too close, the Pest will grab them in its maw and spit them out much smaller than their original size. 

Piranha pest

Pokey's Island

Piranha Pests appear in this game as uncommon enemies. Like Piranha Sprouts, they are only found in 6-4: Piranha Biodome, which features almost every variation on the carnivorous plants. Pests in the game act like they have always been known to do, being eager to swallow Pokey and cut him down to size. Despite their voracious appetites, they can't defeat Pokey.

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