Piranha Monster Plant
Piranha Monster Plant
Species Piranha Plant
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) It's Legs and it's arms
Ability/ies To turn into a statue

High jump

Vulnerable To With all it's arms and legs destroyed.

Piranha Monster Plant (also known as Piranha Plant of Doom by Fawful) is a Greek mythology-like Monster that has a Pipe for a body, 3 giant shells for arms, and giant stems for leg, it was made by Fawful in the unknown past.


It appears to be a Piranha Plant inside of a pipe that's connected to two arms made of green shells and two legs made of stems. A odd particularity is that it's left "foot" and right "hand" are colored differently from the rest of it's body, with a blue shell on it's right arm and a red stem on it's left leg.

Powers and Abilities

The Piranha Monster Plant appears to have super strength offered from it's shelled arms and has a huge jump that it uses to maneuver around it's boss arena. It can also turn into stone, not unlike Tanooki Mario. It's main weakness appears to be that Mario can destroy it's arms and legs, suffering defeat when all of them are broken off.



  • This monster bares a resemblance to the creature called Medusa from Greek Mythology. The difference between those two creatures appears to be that the Medusa turns people into stone when looked at, but Piranha Monster Plant has the ability to turn into stone.